What Is Amazon Key? (How It Works, Is It Safe + Who Can Use)

Amazon is a leading e-commerce retailer with bestselling name-brand collections and over 1.7 million small and medium-sized sellers offering a vast selection of products from around the globe.

While scrolling through Amazon’s millions of products, you may have seen Amazon Key mentioned throughout the website or app. But what is Amazon Key, and why are more shoppers using it? Here’s what I learned!

What Is Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is an Amazon app that allows shoppers to lock and unlock their front doors from their cell phones. Amazon Key gives customers more flexibility to accept deliveries inside their homes, garage, or car, minimizing the risk of damage or stolen packages. It’s exclusive to Amazon Prime members.

If you are curious about Amazon Key and are worried about packages arriving when you’re not home, then keep reading to learn all you need about this new technology and delivery option. 

Why Does Amazon Have Amazon Key?

Also known as Key by Amazon, this service aims to improve the Amazon delivery experience.

Most of us have been in that stressful situation at some point, whether it’s with Amazon or another retailer, where the package has supposedly been delivered but is nowhere to be seen.

Tracking down a lost package can be stressful, but Amazon Key prevents many of these problems and supports safe, secure delivery.

Safe delivery is crucial for Amazon with nearly two million orders placed daily and upwards of 3.5 billion packages delivered annually around the globe.

Both customers and staff can appreciate Amazon Key, as shoppers get peace of mind that their package is safe inside their house, while employees have to worry less about delivery issues and missing products.

How Does Amazon Key Work?

Amazon Key uses multi-factor authentication to keep you, your packages, and your home safe.

Eligible Prime members shop through Amazon and select in-home, in-car, or in-garage delivery when checking out. 

If you place an order and select this delivery option, Amazon sends notifications via the Amazon Key app.

When the driver arrives at your home, Amazon verifies that it’s the right package and the correct house, car, or garage.

Once confirmed, the secure Amazon cloud pings the Key-compatible lock to open the door and drop off the package. 

After the driver safely places the package inside, they lock the door.

They can’t proceed with their next delivery until the door is locked and confirmed.

Is Amazon Key Safe?

Is Amazon Key Safe?

Amazon Key is safe and reliable, with thousands of customers taking advantage of this Prime delivery option across the country.

Due to the eligibility requirements and safety setup, you can rest assured that Amazon Key is a safe delivery option. 

Remember, Amazon drivers are not able to move on with their delivery route until your home is secured.

Additionally, Amazon checks that the front door, garage door, or car door is locked every time.

And if you ever change your mind about a delivery for whatever reason, you can always block it. 

Who Is Eligible For Amazon Key Deliveries?

If you haven’t signed up for an Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Key may be a good reason to do so.

Key by Amazon is only available to eligible Prime members in certain zip codes.

If you have a free trial or paid membership to Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime, or Prime Student, you could be eligible for Amazon Key.

Additionally, Amazon Household is also eligible for Amazon Key. 

What Do You Need To Use Amazon Key?

You need an eligible Prime membership, the Amazon Key app paired with the Cloud Cam, and a Key-compatible lock to use this service.

It’s only available for Prime-eligible items, so third-party retail goods, oversized items, or items that need a signature cannot be delivered through Key by Amazon.

The Cloud Cam gives you video monitoring access for added peace of mind and protection for both deliveries and daily life.

This is currently the only security camera that works for Amazon Key, but you have a few more options for Key-compatible locks.

The easiest way to make sure you have everything you need is to purchase the Key Smart Lock Kit, which ensures a compatible lock and camera system. 

What Is An Amazon Key-Compatible Lock?

What Is An Amazon Key-Compatible Lock?

Remember, Amazon Key doesn’t work with just any front door.

To protect your property, the system can only be used with door locks that are compatible and set up to accept Amazon Key entry.

Doors between 1-3/8″ and 2″ thick may be compatible, but they must be in good working condition so you can lock them without lifting, pulling, or pushing. 

Additionally, your door needs a separate handle and lock with standard rectangular deadbolts.

If you have any doubts about your door or lock, you can contact Amazon customer service or purchase a compatible lock directly from Amazon.

What Is Required For Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery?

You may prefer to receive deliveries in your garage, especially if you have a pet at home that would otherwise run to your front door. 

For Amazon Key In-Garage delivery, you need a compatible Wi-Fi garage door opener or smart garage hub.

This way, you can allow Amazon’s authorized delivery associates to drop your deliveries off inside the garage without compromising your home security and safety.

This delivery option works with the myQ app, so if you use that for your garage, you can set it up quickly.

Otherwise, you need to install a smart garage hub before you can select this type of delivery. 

Keep in mind cameras are not required for in-garage deliveries, although a compatible camera lets you monitor deliveries as they occur.

For camera options, the myQ Smart Garage Camera, Ring Stick Up Cam, and Ring Indoor Cam are compatible choices.

Who Is Eligible For Amazon Key In-Car Deliveries?

One of the newer Prime delivery options is Amazon Key in-car deliveries.

This service works for eligible cars that are parked at street level and accessible to authorized Amazon delivery drivers. 

Amazon Key in-car deliveries are set up the same way as in-home deliveries.

No special access or lock is required, as only compatible connected car service plans are eligible for this delivery type.

Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Volvo vehicles from 2015 or newer may be eligible if it’s connected to an active car service plan like OnStar or Volvo On Call.

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Amazon Key is a safe and secure delivery option for eligible Prime members. It allows you to receive deliveries inside your home, car, or garage. 

This flexible and convenient delivery option requires an eligible Prime membership, the Amazon Key app, and a front door/garage opener that’s compatible with Amazon Key.

You receive notifications throughout the process and can block a delivery or update your preferences at any time.

If you do plan to shop with Amazon Key, remember it’s available only for Prime-eligible products.

Luckily, there are millions of Prime products to shop from, so there’s a good chance you can stock up on whatever you need for your house or office using Amazon Key delivery.

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