Amazon Moving Discount (How It Works, How You Can Save + More)

Around 40 million Americans move house every year, and it’s only fair that families want to save money and time throughout the moving process.

That’s where Amazon comes in with a unique program called Amazon Move. So what is the Amazon moving discount, and how does it work? I was curious, too, so I did some digging, and here’s what I can share with you!

What Is Amazon’s Moving Discount?

Amazon offers a generous moving discount through the Amazon Move program, which is available to Amazon account holders for use once every 365 days. The discount gives you 10% off purchases up to $200 and can be applied to multiple orders. This discount can be used on thousands of products sold and shipped by Amazon.

If you want to learn more about Amazon’s moving discount and how the Amazon Move program works, including what you can buy and how long you can use it for, then keep on reading!

How Does Amazon’s Moving Discount Work?

Amazon Move is a simple solution to score some much-appreciated savings while moving, so long as you have an Amazon account and you haven’t already used the discount in the last year.

All you need to do is log into your Amazon account and set up a profile for Amazon Move under your account options.

Then, you can start shopping for furniture, organization solutions, moving supplies, and anything else you want for your new home.

The Amazon Move discount is auto-applied at checkout on any eligible items, so you should see the amount saved while on the checkout page.

You can set it up to ship Amazon orders directly to your new address, saving the time and hassle of needing to pack even more.

How Much Can You Save With Amazon’s Moving Discount?

How Much Can You Save With Amazon's Moving Discount?

One of the best things about Amazon Move is how much you can save and how you can apply the discount across multiple orders instead of just one, like with most traditional coupons.

Amazon Move gives you 10% off purchases up to $200 with a $20 maximum discount. You can use it across several orders if you forget something and need to stock up.

If you have any other coupons, gift cards, or Amazon Prime benefits, you can use these with Amazon Move for bigger cost savings. Many Prime users take advantage of the free two-day delivery when moving house.

To see how much you save on each order, look at the total before you check out or go back into your account orders to view all the details.

What Can You Buy With Amazon’s Moving Discount?

Amazon Move can be used to purchase thousands of in-demand home products, so long as they are sold and shipped by

Many of Amazon’s best-selling items and products under the Amazon Basics range are all eligible for the moving discount, as Amazon sells and fulfills these orders directly.

The only items excluded from the 10% off Amazon Move program are those fulfilled by third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace. You can determine who the seller is on the product listing page.

Amazon makes it easy by auto-applying a valid moving discount to any eligible product. If the discount doesn’t appear for a particular item, that means it’s not eligible.

Most people use Amazon Move to save money on packing products like boxes, tape, and organizers, as well as cleaning supplies like mops, vacuums, and eco-friendly solutions.

You can also use Amazon’s moving discount for furniture, security systems, and many more household goods that are especially handy for moving.

In addition to Amazon, there are big-name brands like Lysol and Scotch that are up for grabs with the moving discount.

To view everything you can buy with Amazon Move, just browse all departments you’re interested in on Amazon, and the moving discount will show up with the price details on all the eligible products.

How Long Is Amazon’s Moving Discount Good For?

Amazon’s moving discount must be used within 90 days of setting up a profile. That’s why you should plan carefully and make sure you sign up within a few months of your move.

Also, keep in mind the program’s eligibility requirements, as the Amazon Move discount can only be used once per Amazon account within 365 days.

This means you could get a discount on moving once every year. You can always check your profile and account history to see what date you have to use the discount and when you could sign up to use it again.

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