Amazon Order Not Shipping (Why Is It Not Shipping, Contacting Amazon + More)

When customers place an order on Amazon, they’re generally given an estimated shipping time, as well as a reliable guarantee for the latest date their package will arrive.

However, some customers have noticed that their Amazon orders have gone through but aren’t shipping within their given time frame. If you’d like to learn the reason for this, keep reading to see what I found out!

Why Isn’t My Amazon Order Shipping?

When customers notice that an order they’ve placed on Amazon hasn’t shipped, this is usually caused by an unprecedented delay. These delays may be caused by high-traffic ordering seasons, issues in the package fulfillment center, a spike in Amazon Prime orders, prioritization of essential orders, and other similar issues.

If you’d like to learn more about why your Amazon order isn’t shipping, how to check your order shipping status, if prolonged shipping times qualify orders for refunds, and more, keep reading for more useful facts!

More Reasons Why Your Amazon Order Has Not Been Shipped

If a customer finds their order isn’t shipping as soon as they expected, there are a number of things that could be the cause.

One common reason for a shipping delay could be that the item a customer ordered went out of stock shortly after the order was placed, and Amazon is awaiting a restock of the item before they can fulfill the order.

Amazon will generally notify customers if an item they’ve ordered is out of stock and usually won’t charge their credit card until the product has been restocked.

However, if customers are displeased with the wait time, they can go to their Your Orders page and cancel the order.

Another common reason for a shipping delay could be issues with the Amazon fulfillment center in charge of the customer’s delayed order.

These issues could be delivery strikes, an unprecedented amount of high-priority orders coming in, and other similar problems.

However, customers should note that if their order is still being processed within its estimated delivery time, it is not considered to be a delayed order.

However, if 48 hours have passed after the estimated delivery time has passed, customers may contact Amazon and place a delivery complaint.

How Can I Check My Amazon Order Shipping Status?

If customers are concerned about their order being delayed, they can check the shipping status by logging into their Amazon account, going to their Your Orders page, selecting their current order, and reading the latest update.

Generally, Amazon will send email or text alerts to customers with updates on their package’s shipping status.

Therefore, if there is an issue or delay with a package a customer has purchased, Amazon will notify them of any change.

Nevertheless, customers are still recommended to check their accounts on for updates to ensure they aren’t missing any messages that may not have been sent by email or text alert.

Can I Contact Amazon If My Package Hasn’t been Shipped?

Can I Contact Amazon If My Package Hasn’t been Shipped?

If a customer’s package has not been shipped within 48 hours after the estimated arrival date, they can contact Amazon customer service either by phone or through the instant messaging feature on

From here, Amazon will check the status of the package and offer any information they are able to obtain.

However, if Amazon is unable to locate a customer’s package, they will offer to refund the purchase in full or send a replacement item.

What Causes Shipping Delays at Amazon?

Shipping delays at Amazon are usually caused by a large influx of high-priority orders.

For example, if Amazon’s fulfillment center receives a large number of Prime orders within a short period of time, those orders will be prioritized over regular orders.

Also, a delay could occur if an unexpected event requires Amazon to prioritize essential items over recreational orders, such as a natural disaster or global crisis.

Finally, a delay may occur if an item a customer orders goes out of stock shortly after the order was placed.

Amazon will generally notify customers if their order is out of stock and will either refrain from charging their credit card or processing a refund if the order has been fully processed.

Does Amazon Offer Refunds for Prolonged Shipping Times?

If Amazon delivers a package well past its estimated delivery date, or a customer does not receive their package, they may be fully refunded for the item they purchased.

Customers should note that they are only automatically eligible for a refund if their delivery date was guaranteed, meaning estimated arrival dates may not always qualify.

For example, if customers place a Prime order, and the shipping status says “Will arrive by 8 pm,” and the order doesn’t show up on time, the guarantee has not been fulfilled, and the customer is therefore eligible for a refund.

However, if the package ordered has a broad delivery estimate and the package is shipped late, Amazon may not refund a customer unless the order fails to arrive, though this will vary per situation.

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