Amazon Probation Period (How It Works, How to Pass + Other FAQs)

E-commerce and tech giant Amazon offers all kinds of employment opportunities, including positions in IT, transportation, and warehouses. While these roles are distinct, they do have something in common- they’re all subject to a 90-day probationary period.

It’s true, every new Amazon employee must work at the company for 90 days before their position is considered “secure.” Read the rest of this article to find out what this period is all about!

What Is Amazon’s Probation Period In [currentyear]?

Amazon has a 90-day probationary period for new employees in [currentyear]. The company also has a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) that acts as a 3-month probation period for underperforming employees who have been on the job longer than 90 days. Based on employee observations, it appears rare that people are let go during the initial probation period.

If you still have questions related to Amazon’s probation period, then make sure you finish this article for more facts and tips!

Does Amazon Have a Probation Period?

Amazon has a 90-day probationary period for new hires.

In addition to this initial period, Amazon also has a probation period for existing employees.

Called a “Performance Improvement Plan” or “PIP,” this is a 3-month track that Amazon puts its supposedly underperforming employees on.

Although touted as an opportunity to get an employee back on track, former Amazon staffers describe the program as a way to push people into resigning.

Why Does Amazon Have a Probation Period?

Like many companies, Amazon uses its 90-day probationary period to test employees on the job to determine whether they can handle the challenges of their assigned role.

For employees, this period of time is useful in helping them decide if Amazon is a good fit for them before wasting too much time on a job they don’t enjoy.

How Common Is It Not to Pass Amazon’s Probation Period?

While we don’t have access to the statistics regarding Amazon’s employee retention, past employees can give some insights into this question.

For example, a former Amazon employee claimed that he saw very few people leave during their probationary period.

He went on to say that those who did not pass the probationary period failed due to serious personality issues, poor performance, and bad attendance.

How Do You Pass the Amazon Probation Period?

How Do You Pass the Amazon Probation Period?

Advice on how to pass the Amazon probationary period will depend on your assigned role.

That being said, there are some general tips to follow to make sure you successfully pass Amazon’s probationary period.

On the most basic level, you should do your best to arrive on time and work all of your scheduled shifts.

While at work, try to learn as much as possible about your new role, ask questions if you’re unsure how to do something, and show enthusiasm for the work.

Amazon employees also recommend being a team player, being proactive, staying organized, and being flexible as ways to survive working at Amazon.

What Happens at the End of Amazon’s Probation Period?

Based on the information available, it doesn’t appear that anything specific happens when you complete your first 90 days of work with Amazon.

You may be informed that your probation is over by a manager, or you may receive a letter. Unfortunately, it’s not clear.

Given the lack of information, your best bet is to keep track of your working days, check-in with your supervisor regarding the next steps, and continue doing good work.

Unless you hear otherwise, assume that all is going well and that you’ve proven yourself capable of working for Amazon.

Can You Reapply If You Don’t Pass the Amazon Probation Period?

If you’re let go during your first 90 days of employment at Amazon, there may be a chance that you can reapply in the future, depending on the reason you were fired.

According to current Amazon employees, the amount of time you need to wait before reapplying will depend on your previous position and which division you worked for.

As an example, one Amazon employee stated that staff members must wait an entire year before reapplying, while another claimed that the waiting time was only 90 days.

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Amazon has a 90-day probationary period for all new employees. This time is a chance for both managers and employees to see how they work together and make a decision about whether they want to continue their working relationship.

Although we don’t have access to the statistics, anecdotal evidence suggests that most people complete the probationary period without much trouble. However, all is not lost for those who are fired during probation. It seems like these employees can reapply after a waiting period.

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