Applecare Vs T-Mobile Insurance (All You Need to Know)

T-Mobile offers a variety of insurance plans for customers, but have you been wondering what the differences are between Applecare Vs T-Mobile insurance?

Well, I have been researching this topic and will tell you all you need to know so that you can choose the best phone insurance for your needs, so read on to learn all about it!

Applecare Vs T-Mobile Insurance in 2023

When it comes to Applecare Vs T-Mobile insurance, there isn’t much difference since T-Mobile’s Protection 360 insurance includes AppleCare at no additional charge in 2023. Furthermore, with T-Mobile insurance, you get more benefits than you do with AppleCare, but you must purchase the insurance within 2 years of purchasing the device through T-Mobile.

Do you want to know whether T-Mobile insurance is similar to AppleCare? If so, don’t stop reading, as I’ll get into those details below!

Is T-Mobile Insurance the Same as AppleCare?

T-Mobile insurance is almost identical to AppleCare, except for the addition of McAfee Security and the lifetime screen protectors offered through T-Mobile insurance.

However, if you have the highest level of T-Mobile insurance, which is Protection 360, AppleCare is included for iPhone owners so that you will have both types of coverage with that plan.

How Much Does AppleCare Vs T-Mobile Cost?

How much T-Mobile insurance costs will vary depending on which T-Mobile insurance you choose and the value of your device.

However, in general, it will range from $7 per month to $25 per month per device.

In comparison, AppleCare is complimentary with iOS devices, but if you choose AppleCare+ then you will pay $79 to $299 depending on the iOS device you’re covering.

Therefore, while AppleCare is free, it’s incredibly limited, and AppleCare+ can be costly, but you can pay it as a one-time fee as opposed to monthly insurance offered by T-Mobile.

Can I Get AppleCare If I Buy From T-Mobile?

You can get AppleCare if you buy an iOS device from T-Mobile, and the device is eligible for AppleCare for 24 months after you’ve purchased it from T-Mobile.

That being said, you can also enroll in a T-Mobile insurance plan that includes AppleCare services so that you get the best of both worlds.

Does AppleCare Cover Accidental Damage Like T-Mobile?

Does AppleCare Cover Accidental Damage Like T-Mobile?

The basic level of AppleCare doesn’t cover accidental damage like T-Mobile insurance does, which makes it less attractive than any of the T-Mobile insurance plans.

However, if you upgrade to AppleCare+, you will have accidental damage coverage, which is $12.99 per month and often more expensive than T-Mobile’s Protection 360 plan.

What Does AppleCare Cover Vs T-Mobile Insurance?

AppleCare gives you a 1-year limited warranty, but only against defects on your iOS device, which includes not holding a charge, not turning on, or similar defects affecting your device.

Therefore, AppleCare is only valuable if you have a hardware failure and doesn’t include any accidental damage, theft, loss of device, or other similar situations like T-Mobile insurance.

Also, you only get technical support by phone for free for 90 days, so it’s incredibly limited in scope unless you pay the extra money for AppleCare+.

What Does T-Mobile Insurance Cover Vs AppleCare?

There are several different T-Mobile insurance plans available which vary in price, but all of the T-Mobile insurance plans offer the following:

  • Device malfunctions
  • Accidental damage
  • Cracked screens
  • Water damage
  • Device theft
  • Device loss
  • Phone charger malfunction
  • SIM card malfunction
  • Battery malfunction
  • Accessory replacement if the accessories were stolen or lost with the device

Is AppleCare Better Than T-Mobile Insurance?

AppleCare is not better than T-Mobile insurance unless you’ve purchased your iOS device a while back and no longer qualify to get T-Mobile insurance.

Furthermore, AppleCare is free, but you’re paying a lot for AppleCare+.

Also, T-Mobile insurance plans vary in price depending on the value of your device but can be $8 to $25 per month.

Therefore, even though the highest level of T-Mobile insurance will cost more than AppleCare, you get AppleCare included and other benefits such as McAfee Security.

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When it comes to AppleCare Vs T-Mobile insurance, it’s better to go with the highest level of T-Mobile insurance, which is Protection 360 since it comes with AppleCare included.

In addition, T-Mobile Protection 360 offers lifetime screen protector replacement and McAfee Security, whereas AppleCare is limited to hardware malfunction. Additionally, T-Mobile offers more physical damage protection than AppleCare.

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