Are Best Buy Online Prices the Same as In-Store? (Full Guide)

It’s common for stores to place different prices on identical items featured online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Customers often feel confused about the differences in pricing because the products are under the same retailer.

For this reason, customers might be curious about the pricing strategy at Best Buy and wonder if Best Buy’s online prices are the same as they are in-store. Keep reading to find out whether or not Best Buy maintains consistent prices! 

Are Best Buy Online Prices the Same as In-Store?

Best Buy’s online prices are not the same as in-store prices. Depending on the product you are purchasing, Best Buy may offer a lower price in-store than online and vice versa. In addition, other items may be cheaper due to deals that are exclusive to online or in-store purchases.

If you want to find out why Best Buy online prices are not the same as in-store prices, how to negotiate based on the price differences, and much more, continue reading!

Why Do Best Buy In-Store Prices Differ From Prices?

As an electronic store with different sale channels, Best Buy’s pricing strategy may differ depending on how customers shop.

For example, Best Buy stores may apply different marketing strategies that offer higher or lower prices than due to the differences in the specific target market.

Additionally, if a Best Buy store has excessive stock on particular products, they may only discount those items for that single store and not online

As a result, customers can request a price match if they notice a price difference on the item they are interested in purchasing.

How Can I Purchase an Item at a Discounted Price at

You can purchase discounted items at Best Buy when the product is on sale or under the ‘Deals of the Day’ category on the website, which is posted at 12:01 a.m. CT each day for 24 hours.

Usually, Best Buy’s Deals of the Day include products in every category at lower prices than they would typically sell.

In most instances, the deals are available online only and are not applicable for in-store purchases. However, Best Buy specifies the availability of the sale to consumers on each product page.

Additionally, Best Buy advertises app-exclusive offers online, but you cannot see the pricing information unless you use the Best Buy app.

Can You Negotiate Prices at Best Buy?

Can You Negotiate Prices At Best Buy?

Yes, you can compare prices at and Best Buy stores and request a price reduction based on price differences at the time of purchase.

According to Best Buy’s price match guarantee, customers may request price matching if they find a lower price at Best Buy stores,, or the Best Buy App.

In this case, a customer has to notify Best Buy’s customer support of the lower price (either online or in-store) to purchase the item at a discounted price.

In addition to price matching, Best Buy allows customers to compare prices at Best Buy stores,, and Best Buy App during the return and exchange period and request a partial refund based on price differences.

It’s important to note that Best Buy will only accept price matching in cases where the products are identical and excludes opened or clearance items.

Additionally, some Best Buy prices may be rendered for online deals only and may not be eligible for price matching with in-store prices.

How Do I Match Prices Online At Best Buy In-Store And

You can price match online and in-store products at Best Buy by finding a qualifying product and reaching out to Best Buy customer support.

Before you request a price match at Best Buy, ensure the products are available immediately for purchase and are completely identical.

Once you verify that the qualifying products are identical, you can contact Best Buy via the Best Buy Chat online and explain your price matching request.

Also, you can call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) for an online price match request.

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