Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? (All You Need To Know)

Best Buy, a multinational consumer electronic store in the USA, incorporates a Price Match Policy that aims to provide customers with quality items at a standard market price.

Since Best Buy may not price match all stores in America, customers may want to know, does Best Buy price match Costco? Read on to find out if it does!

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco?

Best Buy allows customers to price match items with Costco at the time of purchase only if the store is within a 25-mile radius of the local Best Buy store. Customers can compare Costco’s in-store and prices and request Best Buy to reduce the price during the purchase.

If you want to know more about Best Buy’s price matching policy on Costco’s instore and, and if Best Buy will price match Costco after purchase, keep reading!

Can You Price Match At Best Buy With Costco In-store?

Yes, you can price match Best Buy with Costco in-store as long as the store is a local competitor to the Best Buy store you are shopping at.

According to Best Buy’s price match guarantee, customers can compare Best Buy prices to Costco’s prices if Costco is a local retail competitor to your local Best Buy store (within a 25-mile radius).

As you request for Best Buy price match with Costco, you have to ensure that the local Costco store has the identical item and is immediately available in the store at the time of purchase.

Best Buy will have to verify the price difference with the Costco store in the local area before processing your price match request.

Does Best Buy Price Match

Yes, Best Buy will price-match qualifying items with online retailers such as

Best Buy’s price match guarantee policy allows customers to compare online prices of eligible items at and request lower prices depending on the resultant price difference.

However, Best Buy will only price match if the customer provides a live ad rather than a screenshot of the ad.

Also, in case you request a price match with through a call, you will have to give Best Buy’s employee a directive on locating the lower price at

If the item on Costco will require a credential to log in, you will have to show up in person to compare prices at Best Buy.

Additionally, Best Buy’s price matching will not cover if the customer provides prices of Costco loyalty offers or exclusive offers on Costco’s membership programs.

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco After Purchase?

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco After Purchase?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not price match with Costco after purchase, even if the Costco store is a local competitor.

According to Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee policy, Best Buy will only accept price matching with competitors at the time of sale and not after a purchase has been made.

Therefore, if you bought an item at Best Buy and saw it later at Costco at a lower price, you cannot claim a refund from Best Buy.

Instead, a customer should compare the prices of items with Best Buy’s local competitors (both and Costco in-store) before setting out to shop so that they can enjoy the price matching with Costco.

It is important to note that Best Buy will only price match after purchases if a customer compares the prices of purchased items with identical items on Best Buy’s in-store,, or Best Buy app stores.

Additionally, price matching with Best Buy’s stores after the sales can only be made during a stipulated return and exchange period.

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