Are Walmart AirPods Real? (Must Read Before Buying)

With Apple’s popular AirPods becoming a current must-have, many customers are looking for a slightly less expensive alternative!

Since Walmart is known for offering products at incredibly low prices, when the famous “AirPods” were spotted in Walmart at an extremely competitive price, people were excited! But, are these Walmart AirPods real? Keep reading to find out!

Are Walmart AirPods Real?

Walmart does sell genuine Apple AirPods both online and in-store. However, Walmart also does sell a cheaper “no-brand” copycat version of AirPods ($30) on the website. These models are fake ripoff AirPods that have been known to have charging, sound, and connection issues.

To find out whether Walmart Airpods are of good quality, just read on!

Are Walmart Copycat AirPods Good Quality?

The general response to this is that you get what you pay for…

There are many videos on YouTube testing the quality of Walmart AirPods against real Apple AirPods, and you can definitely see a difference. 

Additionally, Walmart’s AirPods tend to have lower battery life and poorer sound quality when compared to the genuine Apple models.

Some of the many complaints about the cheap $30 Walmart AirPods are that they do not fit comfortably, they break easily, are not splash-proof, and have constant connection issues.

Do Walmart No Brand AirPods Work?

Walmart’s version of AirPods does play music, so technically, yes, they do work!

However, there have been reports of poor battery life and sound quality from customers who have purchased them.

Additionally, unlike genuine Apple AirPods that connect seamlessly to iOS and Mac devices, Walmart AirPods are notoriously bad at staying connected to devices.

So if you want a reliable and sturdy pair of Bluetooth earbuds, the cheap Walmart version might not be worth it.

How Long Does The Charge On Walmart AirPods Last?

Reviews on indicate that the AirPods will need charging after around 30 minutes to an hour of continuous use.

Some people who have purchased these Walmart AirPods have also complained that the charging cable does not fit properly and that the Airpods will not charge to the maximum battery. 

How Much Are Walmart’s Airpods?

The Walmart dupes of the wireless Airpods generally cost around $15-$30, though this may differ during different promotional seasons.

Alternatively, Walmart also stocks the Apple Airpods online for just under $150!

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If you are looking for a short-term Airpod experience, then purchasing Walmart’s own Airpods is a great way to save money whilst feeling on-trend!

On short journeys or jogs, the Airpods will serve you well. However, perhaps it would be best to bring a charger for slightly longer travels, such as long walks or flights.

The sound quality and feel of the material do reflect the low price, and whilst these Airpods are by no means of advanced status like the Apple Airpods, they are definitely enough to get by with! 

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