Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy (Full Guide)

A computer, whether it be a desktop or laptop, is a huge purchase. When you buy something so costly, you want the comfort of knowing that you can return it.

Walmart sells laptops, computers, and tablets, but if you buy these electronics from Walmart, can you return them? Here is what I uncovered.

Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy 

Walmart accepts returns of computers and laptops within 30-days of purchase, whether purchased online or in-store. To return a computer to Walmart, customers must have the original packaging with accessories and the receipt to show proof of purchase. Customers can opt for a cash refund or store credit.

Here is everything you need to know about returning a laptop or computer to Walmart!

How Long Do I Have to Return a Laptop or Computer to Walmart?

Walmart’s normal return policy states that they accept returns within 90 days of purchase or delivery for items ordered online.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, and computers and laptops are a major exception.

You have 30 days after buying a laptop/computer (including brands from Acer, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Apple, etc.) in-store or 30 days from the delivery of a laptop/computer ordered online to return it to Walmart.

Some sites claim that you can return a computer within 14 days, but the Walmart website says 30 days.

Do I Need To Have The Original Packing To Return a Laptop or Computer To Walmart?

Customers must have the original packaging to return a computer or laptop to Walmart. The barcode and information on the packaging will allow Walmart to confirm that you bought the computer from them.

Without the packaging, there is no way to confirm that you bought the computer from Walmart.

Walmart thus does not have to accept your return. There is a chance that they may allow you to return it anyway, so it is always a good idea to call your local Walmart and check.

Do I Need The Accessories to Return My Laptop or Computer?

If your laptop or computer came with additional accessories such as a keyboard, charging cable, monitor, or mouse, you will have to return all of the accessories when returning the device.

Do I Need My Receipt to Return a Laptop or Computer to Walmart?

Your return will be made much smoother if you have a receipt.

However, you can still return an item without a receipt, but it is much harder with computers as it is difficult to show the date of purchase unless it was purchased via a debit/credit card or via PayPal.

Not producing a receipt often results in receiving the refund as store credit rather than a straight refund.

For a computer, you likely want a normal refund, so it is best to remember your receipt!

What Is Walmart’s Return Policy for Computer and Laptop Accessories?

Almost all computer and laptop accessories you might buy from Walmart fall under the standard 90-day return policy.

However, there are some additional electronics that you may purchase along with your computer that also have a 30-day return policy which includes…

  • Printer (except 3D printers)
  • Tablets
  • Computer Hardware

Other computer accessories like keyboards, a mouse, thumb drives, and more remain under the standard 90-day return policy.

What Computer Accessories Can You Not Return to Walmart?

There are some computer accessories that you cannot return to Walmart at all. These include

  • Software delivered by email
  • Video Gamecards

If you purchase one of these items, you will not return it or receive a refund.

Holiday Returns For Laptops And Computers

The holidays provide an exception to Walmart’s normal return procedure. During November and December, Walmart provides an extended return (an extra 10 days). On December 26th, the normal computer return policy begins again.

This means that if you purchase a laptop or a computer during the holidays, you have 15 days starting on December 26th to return it.

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