AutoZone Battery Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways To Save)

If your car has issues starting in the morning or dimming the lights too often, it might be time to change your battery.

When this happens suddenly, you might need a discount to afford a new battery. Can you get this battery discount at AutoZone? Here’s all you need to know!

AutoZone Battery Discount In [currentyear]

AutoZone has car battery discount codes that you can use to buy a battery at a lower price as of [currentyear]. Once you choose a battery on the website, you can check the available coupons for car batteries and use the discount code during checkout. Customers can also save money with AutoZone Rewards program deals.

Read on to learn more about the AutoZone battery discount, how it works, and other ways customers can save!

What Battery Discounts Does AutoZone Offer?

If you are looking for a car battery at a lower price, AutoZone has different coupons on its website that you can use.

For example, here are the current coupons you can use to get a discount.

Duralast Battery Coupons

Customers can get a coupon on Duralast battery brands on the AutoZone website. To take advantage of the discount, you have to check the terms to know when the offer will end.

Free Testing

When your battery develops problems, AutoZone provides free testing to determine the problem.

With that, this service is essential because it gives information about the real issue before replacing the battery with a new one. However, this service is only available in-store.

Free Next-Day Delivery For Orders Over $35

When shopping for a new battery, you are eligible for free next-day delivery for orders $35 or more.

However, if you are also purchasing other items, you need to confirm with the store because the offer is for eligible orders only.

Free Ground Shipping For Orders Over $35

If your battery order is eligible, AutoZone will provide you with free shipping on orders via the US Postal Service.

What Other Ways Can You Save When Shopping For Car Batteries?

What Other Ways Can You Save When Shopping For Car Batteries? AutoZone

Apart from car battery discount codes, you can save money in other ways at AutoZone. That said, let’s take a look at some of them.

Regular Low Prices

AutoZone will have regular low prices on some occasions, like during the holidays when people are shopping for gifts.

During this time, you can get a battery at a much lower cost if you are keen on the offers.

Also, always check the website for announcements or consult with the AutoZone staff when shopping in-store.

AutoZone Rewards

The AutoZone Rewards program helps customers get what they want at a reduced price. For instance, if you buy batteries, you’ll earn a $20 reward for every five qualifying purchases.

Further, this program is ideal because it helps customers keep track of their service history and purchases. Also, you’ll get additional offers and deals to help you buy batteries at a lower price.

To join the AutoZone rewards program, you can either visit one of the physical stores or register online.

With that, your $20 reward will be issued within 72 hours of earning five credits; however, it might take longer on some occasions.

In addition, these rewards expire after 90 days and credits after one year; therefore, you should use them within this period.

Either way, AutoZone Rewards is one of the best ways to get a battery at a lower price.

Can You Get A Battery Discount If You Shop Online?

Yes, AutoZone gives battery discounts to customers who shop on the website. To utilize the deal, you should add the discount codes before checkout.

With that, always check to ensure that you’ve put in the correct codes.

What Other Auto Stores Have A Battery Discount?

If you are looking to compare battery discounts, you might be wondering which other shops have these kinds of deals; here are some of them.

Advance Auto Parts

You can get a battery discount if you shop at Advance Auto Parts using the company’s coupons.

With that, they include the available car battery coupons on the website to enable you to save money when shopping.


AA members can get battery services for less by using a 20% discount. However, not all AA centers provide this service; therefore, you should call first to confirm.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on AutoZone AAA discount, AutoZone military discount, and AutoZone battery return policy.


AutoZone has car battery discount codes that customers can use to buy a battery at a lower price.

Once you select a battery on the AutoZone website, you can check the available coupons for car batteries and use the discount code during checkout.

Apart from these discount codes, customers can save money when buying batteries by taking advantage of reduced prices during holidays and the AutoZone Rewards program, which comes with several deals.

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