AutoZone Military Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways To Save)

Active military personnel, retirees, veterans, and their families often get exclusive discounts from different retail chains as a token of appreciation.

If you are a frequent shopper at AutoZone and have family members currently serving or previously served in the military, you might be asking, does AutoZone offer a military discount? Here’s what I discovered!

AutoZone Military Discount In 2024

AutoZone does not offer a military discount in any of its stores as of 2024. However, some active-duty and retired service members have received a 5%-15% unofficial discount in some AutoZone locations. Although the deal is not listed on the website, it’s up to the cashier or store manager’s discretion to offer the discount.

Keep reading for more information on how military discounts work at AutoZone, the requirements, and other ways to save money!

Does AutoZone Offer Military Discounts On Specific Days?

Unlike most stores with a structured program, AutoZone doesn’t have specific days when it offers the military discount.

So, since the offer is at the cashier’s or manager’s discretion, active and retired personnel and their families can get the discount at any time.

Can You Get A Military Discount If You Shop Online?

If the military personnel prefer shopping on, the discounts will not apply.

Unfortunately, AutoZone doesn’t provide explicit details on its website; therefore, you have to go to a store in person to get a discount.

Do You Need An ID For The Military Discount At AutoZone?

To receive a military discount at AutoZone, customers have to provide a form of identification as proof of their status.

Therefore, AutoZone staff might request your ID when processing the discounts.

With that, you can provide a military identification card or a state-issued ID indicating your veteran status as proof of military status.

What AutoZone Products Don’t Qualify For The Military Discount?

Fortunately, the unofficial discounts are not limited to specific brands, items, or subtotals.

Therefore, you can shop for whatever you need. However, you always confirm before paying with the cashier or store manager about discounts.

What Other Ways Can You Save When Shopping At AutoZone?

What Other Ways Can You Save When Shopping At AutoZone?

Now that you know military discounts are not an official part of AutoZone, what other ways can military customers save? Here are some of them!

Coupon Codes

AutoZone includes coupons on its website that customers can take advantage of. That said, these coupons are offered periodically and are often issued during a particular public holiday.

For instance, AutoZone has some offers around the Fourth Of July that are offered at the store’s discretion.

But, these coupon codes have different offers. For example, while some offer a gift card when you buy a particular product, others have a percentage off when you spend a certain amount of money.

In addition, some coupons will come with a free delivery voucher when you spend a certain amount of money.

When using these coupons, keep in mind that they expire after a specified period.

Seasonal Sales

Apart from coupons, AutoZone also has seasonal sales distributed throughout the year on specific periods such as Christmas or Easter weekend.

During these holiday seasons, items can be 50% off the original prices, which is important if you want to buy gifts.

Moreover, customers can check the AutoZone website to get more information about the current or upcoming offers.

AutoZone Rewards

In addition, you can take advantage of offers part of the AutoZone Rewards program. With this program, customers can earn a $20 reward for five purchases of more than $20.

Then, customers can track their rewards via the app and use them later to purchase auto parts and accessories.

What Other Stores Offer A Military Discount?

While AutoZone doesn’t have an official military discount, other auto retail stores have an official discount for service members.

Advanced Auto

Advanced Auto offers a 10% discount on regularly priced items to active or retired military personnel. However, these discounts are limited to in-store purchases.

To be eligible, you’ll be required to show your ID as proof. In addition, for veterans, only service members with 20 years or more of service qualify for these discounts.

Furthermore, the immediate family members of military personnel, i.e., spouses and children up to 18 years, are eligible for the discounts.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

To recognize and appreciate service members, O’Reilly offers a 10% military discount on in-store products.

However, this discount does not include antifreeze, motor oil, online purchases, sale items, and special-order items.

Still, O’Reilly’s discount is available to all active duty, retired service members, and anyone who has received an honorable discharge.

However, the offer does not cover individuals who received a dishonorable discharge from the military. To qualify, the store will ask for an ID or proof of identification.

Jiffy Lube

Active and retired service members are eligible for a 15% military discount at Jiffy Lube as long as they show qualified ID.

However, this discount excludes diagnostic services, batteries, brakes, and alignment services.

In addition, it’s only available in specific locations; therefore, you should confirm with your local store first.

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Unfortunately, AutoZone does not offer an official military discount in any of its stores.

However, some active-duty and retired service members have received a 5%-15% unofficial discount in some AutoZone locations.

So, although the discount is not listed on the website, it’s up to the cashier or store manager’s discretion to offer the discount.

When getting this discount, the staff might request an ID. In addition, since it’s not official, the discount is not limited to products or a specific amount of money spent.

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