AutoZone Commercial Account Discount (All You Need To Know)

Auto parts can be costly; therefore, you can take advantage of offers and discounts at your local retail shop if you run a business.

If you’re looking to purchase auto parts and accessories from AutoZone, you might be wondering, does AutoZone have a commercial account discount? Here’s all you need to know.

AutoZone Commerical Account Discount In 2024

AutoZone commercial accounts have a significant discount on most parts, which is a good deal compared to the prices offered to other customers as of 2024. Customers can check the available discounts on the company website or contact their commercial sales managers for more information. Businesses get seasonal or bulk discounts, depending on the existing offer.

To learn more about AutoZone commercial account discounts, how to get them, and the terms and conditions, keep on reading!

How Much Are The Discounts On An AutoZone Commercial Account?

AutoZone offers different discounts depending on the type of products bought. According to some customers, the discounts vary depending on how much you spend or the tiers.

For instance, from January 2022 to March 2022, qualifying commercial accounts that made six net purchases of two sets of Duralast control arms received a free magnetic work light.

However, these discounts are limited to customers within the set requirements during redemption.

How Can You Get AutoZone Commercial Discounts?

You need to have a commercial account with AutoZone to qualify for commercial discounts. Then, once you register for an account and start placing orders, you’ll be eligible for discounts.

With that, start by registering for the online ordering system via the AutoZonePro website and wait for one to three business days for the request to process.

In addition, you can contact AutoZone’s commercial customer service for more information.

What Services Come With An AutoZone Commercial Account?

What Services Come With An AutoZone Commercial Account? AutoZone

Businesses sign up for an AutoZone commercial account because of the numerous benefits. Apart from discounts, here are some of the services customers enjoy.

Shop Referral Program

According to AutoZone, it gets over five million customers every week across all its stores.

With that, AutoZone can add your business to its professional shop referral list if you have a commercial account.

For your business to get registered on this list, it must meet certain requirements, such as weekly sales level thresholds.

Further, AutoZone helps its customers grow their business with this program.

High-Quality Parts

AutoZone commercial account customers get access to high-quality parts from trustworthy manufacturers.

In addition, if you have this account, you can get private label products made by leading manufacturers and the latest models.

Competitive Prices

AutoZone has competitive prices for customers with a commercial account to help them maximize profits on their businesses.

So, you can get bulk discounts on auto parts and accessories that you purchase the most from AutoZone.

AutoZonePro App

With a commercial account, you can use the AutoZonePro app to order parts from anywhere.

Once you sign in, you can search for parts you need and lookup accessories that you frequently order for speedy delivery.

Electronic Ordering

If you need to order parts and have them delivered to your shop fast, you can take advantage of the efficient electronic ordering system included with the AutoZone commercial account.

Using AutoZonePro, you can get real-time pricing and information about inventory availability before placing your order.

In addition, the site has enhanced search capabilities that enable you to find what you need.

Moreover, electronic ordering increases productivity, order accuracy, customer service and makes it easier to manage the bottom line.

Free Marketing Guide

AutoZone also provides business account holders with an owner’s guide to marketing that they can use for business growth.

Credit Program

AutoZone customers with a commercial account can use the credit program managed by an in-house credit department.

These employees provide daily, weekly, or monthly billing cycles for customers, depending on their preferences.

In addition, they help with faster account setup, payment applications, and online invoicing.

Therefore, it becomes easier to manage your accounts and payments if your business uses this account.

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AutoZone commercial accounts have a significant discount on most parts, which is better than the prices offered to other auto parts customers.

That said, businesses can get seasonal or bulk discounts, depending on the existing offer.

Once you sign up for a commercial account, you can check the current offers on the website or contact your commercial sales manager for more information.

On top of discounts, commercial accounts have more benefits, including shop referral programs, competitive prices, electronic orders, high-quality parts, and access to the AutoZonePro app.

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