AutoZone Return Policy (Your Complete Guide)

If you purchased auto parts or accessories from AutoZone and they turn out to be faulty or the wrong item, you’ll need to return them to the store for a refund.

Returns can be stressful and are governed by specific terms and conditions that you need to know. So, you’re probably asking, what’s AutoZone’s return policy? Here’s the complete guide!

AutoZone Return Policy In [currentyear]

To return an item to AutoZone, you need to do so within 90 days from the day of the purchase as of [currentyear]. Also, the product should be in its original packaging and condition with the original receipt. AutoZone might reject the request for a refund if the item has been used or installed in your vehicle.

For more information about AutoZone’s return policy and what you need to know or avoid, keep reading!

How Can You Return AutoZone Items Bought In-Store?

Once you buy the wrong item or a faulty part from AutoZone, you can return it; however, you must abide by the terms and conditions provided.

According to the return policy, you should return the products within 90 days from purchase.

With that, simply go to the nearest AutoZone store for a return, bringing the product and the original payment receipt. Also, your item should be in its original packaging.

When returning an item, the AutoZone staff will ask for a valid government-issued photo ID for all the returns. That said, some of the qualifying forms of ID at AutoZone include:

  • A US or Canadian driver’s license
  • US Military ID
  • Mexican Voter Registration Card
  • US State ID
  • Canadian Province ID
  • A passport
  • US Laser Visa

Moreover, this return policy also applies to businesses that use the AutoZone commercial program.

How Do You Return AutoZone Products Purchased Online?

How Do You Return AutoZone Products Purchased Online?

If you bought your items online through AutoZone, there are two ways to return them; in-store or mail.

The Nearest AutoZone Store

You can take your products to the nearest AutoZone store to get your refund.

With that, you’ll need to bring the credit card you used for the initial purchase, as this is how AutoZone will give you a refund.

However, if you paid with PayPal or another digital payment or lost the original card, you just need to present the receipt for a refund.

Return By Mail

If the products were shipped to you by mail, AutoZone has a return form on the shipping invoice that you need to fill out to return the item.

But, AutoZone will reimburse your shipping costs only if the company made a shipping error or the item was defective during shipping.

In addition, if you are shipping from outside the United States because of a shipping error or defective product, AutoZone will reimburse you for this cost.

However, you need to attach the carrier’s pre-printed label that shows the amount you paid as a shipping charge.

Therefore, AutoZone recommends that you return the products to the Fulfillment Center using a carrier with package tracking services to ensure they return safely.

Before packing the product, ensure that you drain all the fluids on parts such as power tools or engines. Also, you should wipe any dirt, oil, and grease on the parts.

What Are The Exceptions To AutoZone’s Return Policy?

Although AutoZone has a 90-day return policy, it does not apply to all items. For example, these items can’t be returned even if you have a receipt.

Gift Cards

Whether they were bought in-store or online, gift cards are final sales, and AutoZone will not accept them.

Therefore, if you purchased some that you want to get rid of, you have to seek alternatives.

Final Sale Items

When shopping at AutoZone, if you buy a product labeled as a “final sale” item, you can’t return it for a refund.

That said, these products are usually labeled this way as the last chance to buy them.

Customized Products

If you buy customized products from AutoZone, you can’t return them. Therefore, you should always check the final details and spelling to avoid errors on the customized items.

Can You Return Core To Any AutoZone Store?

Apart from new products, you might need to return cores that are the old or failed parts replaced when the vehicle is repaired.

For this, the return policy is the same as the new parts. However, AutoZone will not refund you and return the core if it does not pass inspection.

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To return auto parts or accessories to AutoZone, you need to do so within 90 days from the day of the purchase.

On top of that, you should also bring the product back in its original packaging and condition with the receipt.

Still, AutoZone might reject the request for a refund if the item has been used or installed in the vehicle.

Furthermore, not all items are eligible for returns, and AutoZone will not refund gift cards, final sale items, and customized products.

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