Best Buy Open Box Warranty (All You Need To Know)

Open-box items have consistently provided consumers with a great way to save money and still get quality products from Best Buy, including computers, cellphones, and video games, at discounted prices. 

However, since open-box items don’t have the same conditions as new items, most customers don’t know about the Best Buy Open Box Warranty. If you want to learn more about Best Buy’s Open Box Warranty, here’s all you need to know!

Best Buy Open Box Warranty

Best Buy offers customers a warranty on open-box items. These items are eligible for a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 365 days, after which the customer may purchase the Geek Squad Protection Plan. Therefore, customers shouldn’t hesitate to claim warranty services, including repair, maintenance, and replacement of open box items.

If you want to find more information on Best Buy’s Open Box Warranty Policy, if you can return open box items, and much more, keep reading!

Do Best Buy Open Box Items Have a Warranty?

Yes, Best Buy open-box items do have a warranty.

Like new items, Best Buy provides customers with a warranty on open box items, just in case the items need repair, maintenance, and replacement after purchase.

Therefore, if a customer experiences a fault on an open-box item within the warranty period, they can claim maintenance services through Best Buy.

Once the customer claims warranty services, Best Buy employees organize repair and maintenance services.

What Is Best Buy’s Open Box Warranty Policy?

Open Box Warranty Policy refers to the protection plan on open box items sold at Best Buy.

Ideally, Best Buy sells open-box items alongside a manufacturer’s warranty of 365 days (1 year) from the day of purchase.

If the manufacturer’s warranty on an open-box item has ended, the Best Buy store you’re shopping at will provide a procedure for servicing open-box items no longer covered.

 In addition to this, you can decide to purchase services from Best Buy’s Geek Squad if you need maintenance beyond the manufacturer’s warranty on open-box items.

Additionally, it’s important to note that open box items are eligible for return and exchanges outside the warranty agreement.

In this case, a customer may request for return or exchange of open-box items within 14-45 days from the day of purchase.

Customers need to note that the stipulated period for the return and exchange of open-box items depends on the customer’s membership and not the item’s warranty.

Does Best Buy Open Box Excellent Come With Warranty?

Does Best Buy Open Box Excellent Come With Warranty?

Fortunately, Best Buy’s open box of excellent items comes with a warranty.

Even though open-box excellent items are sold at discounted prices, Best Buy issues a warranty on the items and treats them like new items on sale.

It is important to note that the tag ‘Excellent’ on Best Buy’s open-box items means that the item has been checked and inspected by Geek Squad, and the condition has been marked as ‘Excellent.’

Other open box items are labeled as ‘Excellent-Certified,’ ‘Excellent,’ ‘Satisfactory,’ or ‘Fair.’

Therefore, a warranty tag on an ‘open box excellent’ item means it’s in Excellent Condition and sold with a warranty.

Can Best Buy Open Box Items Be Returned?

Yes, you can return open-box items bought at Best Buy.

A customer can return any open box items under warranty or take advantage of Best Buy’s return and exchange policy.

If a customer needs repair and maintenance services, they should check the terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer’s warranty before claiming a warranty.

Best Buy’s return and exchange policy allows customers to return or exchange unsatisfactory open-box purchases within a stipulated time, which differs depending on the product.

How Can I Claim My Best Buy Open Box Warranty?

If you want to claim your Best Buy open-box warranty, you can do so by contacting Best Buy on the phone or through the company website.

If you prefer making a phone call, you can call Best Buy customer support at 1-888-237-8289. Here, you can explain your request and wait for guidelines from Best Buy’s customer support staff.

However, you can also chat with Best Buy’s customer support via the company website and claim your open-box warranty there.

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