Does Best Buy Check Serial Numbers On Returns? (Warning: Must Read)

Sometimes a customer might have received the wrong model, color, or a defective item that might need to be returned. Because of this, Best Buy gives customers a chance to return the item for a refund, repair, or exchange.

For this reason, most customers have warmed up to the idea of returning unsatisfactory goods, although most of them often ask, does Best Buy check serial numbers on returns? Here’s what I found out!

Does Best Buy Check Serial Numbers On Return?

Best Buy does check serial numbers on returned items. If the serial number on the product matches the serial number on the receipt, Best Buy will begin to process your return request. However, the customer must make a return request within the appropriate return and exchange period.

If you want more information on why Best Buy checks serial numbers of returns, and much more, keep reading!

Why Does Best Buy Check Serial Numbers?

Best Buy checks serial numbers to retrieve details of an item brought forward by a customer needing a return, repair, or exchange.

Additionally, this is done so Best Buy can verify that the product brought by the customer is the same as the product sold to the customer.

If you need to return an item to Best Buy, you must make sure that you pack all accessories and original packaging, including the proof of purchase, for them to verify your details and the day of purchase.

Once you avail all necessary accompanying items to Best Buy, Best Buy will verify the serial numbers and process your request for any technicalities.

Does Best Buy Print Serial Numbers On Receipt?

Best Buy may or may not print serial numbers on the receipt at the time of purchase.

For this reason, Best Buy requires that you bring the original item and packaging for them to compare the serial numbers during the return and exchange window period.

The serial number recorded on Best Buy’s system must be identical to the serial numbers on the item, receipt, and original packaging.

If the serial number on the item does not match what Best Buy had recorded at the time of purchase, Best Buy will deny your return or exchange request.

When Does Best Buy Check Serial Numbers On Return Items?

When Does Best Buy Check Serial Numbers On Return Items?

Best Buy will check for the serial numbers of returned items as soon as a customer requests a return during the return and exchange period.

Besides the serial number, Best Buy will need to check the proof of purchase before processing the return request.

Proof of purchase may include but is not limited to the original receipts, credit card statements, and packaging slips.

In this process, Best Buy employees will check the serial numbers to ascertain that the product is the same one purchased at the store.

Can Best Buy Refuse A Return If Serial Number Does Not Match?

Unfortunately, Best Buy can deny your return request if the serial number does not match the number indicated on Best Buy’s records.

The Return and Exchange policy at Best Buy highlights the need for an item returned to be identical to the item purchased for Best Buy to process the return request.

Therefore, if the serial numbers are not identical, Best Buy will deduce that the item was not purchased at the store and thus deny the return request.

What If You Lost Best Buy Receipts With Serial Numbers?

For online orders, you can get a copy of your receipt by logging in to your account and checking the details of your order.

Alternatively, Best Buy in-store shoppers can retrieve serial numbers from lost receipts Best Buy membership details, or credit card details.

However, if you paid for your items in cash and without a My Best Buy membership, Best Buy cannot retrieve details of your lost receipt.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on Best Buy’s return policy without receipt, and the Best Buy open box return policy.


Conclusively, Best Buy would need to check for serial numbers of return items to ascertain the item’s identity before processing the return request.

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