Best Buy TV Warranty (What’s Covered, Claims, Warranty Length + More)

Due to how expensive electronics are, like TVs, most customers hope to get warranties to give them peace of mind if the device needs maintenance.

As a successful electronic retailer, Best Buy sells millions of TVs every year. But before you buy a TV from Best Buy, you’ll want to know the warranty policy. So here’s everything I found out about Best Buy’s TV warranty!

Best Buy TV Warranty

Best Buy offers a manufacturer’s warranty on new, refurbished, and open-box TVs. The warranty period on the TVs at Best Buy varies according to the brand and condition of the product. Additionally, Best Buy offers the Geek Squad Protection Plan on TVs, sold as an annual subscription.

If you want more information on the Best Buy TV warranties, what types of TVs are covered, how to make claims, the warranty length, and more, keep reading!

What Types Of TVs Does Best Buy’s TV Warranty Cover?

Best Buy offers a manufacturer’s warranty on new, clearance, and open-box TVs. In some instances, Best Buy may also provide warranties for refurbished TVs.

Best Buy provides warranties on most major TV brands, such as Insignia, Samsung, TCL, and Sony.

Additionally, if you buy a TV with certain specifications, like a Roku capability or other smartTV features, Best Buy has warranties for these products as well.

If not sure if the TV you’re looking to purchase comes with a warranty, feel free to consult a Best Buy staff member for help.

How Long Is Best Buy’s TV Warranty?

Best Buy offers a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts one year from the date of purchase.

As an easy reference, the purchase date of TVs at Best Buy is often printed on receipts.

If you require repair and maintenance services beyond the manufacturer’s one-year period, you will have to pay for parts and labor costs.

On the other hand, Best Buy provides alternative service options for open-box items if the manufacturer’s warranty has ended.

Alternatively, a customer may decide to purchase the Geek Squad Protection Plan that covers your TV even after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

Additionally, the Geek Squad Protection Plan may also work concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty if you need repairs not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What Does Best Buy’s TV Warranty Cover?

What Does Best Buy's TV Warranty Cover?

During the one-year warranty period, customers can get maintenance and repair services if the TV is rendered defective by store personnel.

A staff member either uses new or refurbished parts or replaces the TV at no cost to repair the TV.

In this case, all products and parts replaced by the manufacturer under warranty become the manufacturer’s property and are not returned to the customer.

Moreover, Best Buy Geek Squad Protection Plan offers a wide range of services on TVs, including the following:

House calls for TVs 42″ and larger:

If your Samsung, Sony, TCL, or Insignia TV is 42″ or larger, you do not have to carry it to Best Buy brick-and-mortar stores for repair and maintenance.

Instead, Best Buy will come to your home and repair any issues on your TV.

No payment for parts and labor:

With Geek Squad Protection on your TV, Best Buy will take care of 100% of all costs on labor and parts needed for repairs.

Dead pixels coverage:

If your screen develops shadow images or bad pixels that won’t go away, Best Buy will repair it under the Geek Squad Protection Plan.

Remote replacement:

If your TV remote stops working, the Best Buy Geek Squad will replace it under the protection plan. However, you will only get a one-time replacement for the original remote control.

Power surge faults:

If your TV fails to turn on due to damages caused by power surges or faults, Best Buy will fix it. Additionally, the coverage protects against surges by lightning strikes.

Normal tear and wear:

Best Buy’s Geek Squad services also cover TV failures resulting from normal wear and tear. The normal wear and tear may include an internal problem or failure resulting from humidity, internal heat, or dust.

However, it’s important to note that accidental damages are not included in the standard Geek Squad TV Protection plan.

In addition to this, Best Buy allows customers to transfer their Geek Squad Protect service, meaning you can pass on the protection plan to a new TV at no extra charge. To transfer your protection plan, simply call 1-800-433-5778.

Will Best Buy Replace My Broken TV?

Best Buy might replace your broken TV depending on the circumstances that led to the damage.

For example, your TV will automatically be replaced if it breaks during delivery and installation by Best Buy personnel.

However, you need to be under the Geek Squad Protection and Support Plus to get total coverage for accidental damages.

With that, the three or five-year Accidental Geek Squad Protection plans enable customers to have coverage for broken TVs.

How Do I Claim My Best Buy TV Warranty?

To make a warranty claim, first check your TV’s manual, which usually includes the proper information for doing so.

Additionally, you can look up the manufacturer and model number for the product in question on search engines and get information on warranty claims.

In addition to this, you can decide to chat with Best Buy’s customer support through the official website or call the team at 1-888-237-8289, so they can help you locate the information on online platforms.

For Best Buy Geek Squad services, you can visit your local Best Buy store and make a warranty claim or call Best Buy customer support at 1-800-433-5778 to make inquiries on your plan.

How Much Does Best Buy Charge To Repair a TV?

The charges for TV repair by Best Buy’s Geek Squad are dependent on the product in question.

For instance, if a TV costs $ 1,299.99, you can decide to purchase a two-year protection plan for $169.99 or a five-year subscription plan for $329.99.

However, if you repair your TV without Geek Squad Protection, the average national repair cost is as follows:

  • TV Panel: $1320 -$3200
  • Main System board: $361
  • Power Supply: $270
  • Speakers: $260
  • Inputs: $260

How Long Do I Have To Add Best Buy’s Warranty On TVs?

Suppose you want more coverage on your TV in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

In that case, you can add Geek Squad Protection plans upon purchase or as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

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