Big Lots Complaints (How to Make One, Common Types of Complaints + More)

Because of its sheer volume of trade, Big Lots must have a system for handling millions of customer concerns.

Are you wondering how you would submit a complaint to Big Lots and how the store will handle your complaint? If so, read on to discover more!

What Is Big Lots System of Receiving and Handling Complaints In 2024?

Big Lots receives complaints both in-store and online across its many engagement channels in 2024. These include in-store management, the Big Lots website, email, social media platforms, and calling customer care. Complaints mainly concern dissatisfaction with the customer’s shopping experience, while indicating that some customers are satisfied with the outcomes of this system while others are not.

If you’d like to discover more about what sort of complaints you can lodge against Big Lots, and how to do it, keep reading for more facts!

How Do I Complain About an Incident at a Big Lots Store?

Whenever you have a complaint while shopping or picking up your delivery from a Big Lots outlet, your first recourse should be to the staff on the floor.

These staff will always sort out the minor issues, like pointing you in the right direction or referring you to the appropriate authority.

However, if you feel the staff is unhelpful or rude, you can bypass them and demand to see the manager.

Alternatively, you can send an email detailing your complaint to the customer care department or call them on the phone.

Big Lots’ website’s contact page and social media platforms are ideal places to seek help, as the retailer’s customer care tries to get in touch with you quickly.

How Do I Lodge a Complaint Arising From Shopping Online at Big Lots?

You can lodge your complaints at the following places:

What Happens After I Lodge My Complaint at Big Lots?

Your complaint will be dealt with in accordance with Big Lots’ internal mechanism for handling complaints.

However, the standard procedure is that the complaint will be assigned to the appropriate staff who will reach out requiring more information.

Depending on the nature, complexity, and severity of the complaint, an investigation may ensue.

Basically, this investigation consists of you backing up your claims and Big Lots verifying them.

Big Lots will try to clarify its stance or admit wrongdoing, and offer amends depending on the outcome.

It’s good practice for businesses to be as conciliatory as possible towards the complainant in such circumstances.

What Are the Common Types of Complaints Made Against Big Lots?

What Are the Common Types of Complaints Made Against Big Lots?

Customer complaints involve one of three aspects- dissatisfaction with staff, quality, or condition of the product, and the complaint resolution process.

Staff who seem unknowledgeable, disinterested, and outright rude to customers or fellow employees are a major source of complaints at Big Lots.

For instance, on, a customer launched a complaint about a Big Lots store manager in the habit of belittling cashiers in public.

Complaints about products may include attendant services like wrongful delivery and payment issues, which are the most common.

These involve complaints about the product’s condition, slowness in delivery, credit cards, rewards, and coupons that were rejected or overcharged.

However, at times, the techniques to deter complaints give fresh ground for disgruntlement and compound the original grievance.

For example, a reviewer on seemed particularly irked that Big Lots staff was dismissive and unempathetic about the ill-conditioned chair delivered to her.

How Effective Are Big Lots at Handling Complaints?

Unfortunately, several reviewers have complained that Big Lots does not handle most complaints effectively.

A review site scored the quality of Big Lots customer service below average at 46.85%, based on the following parameters:

  • 297 negative comments out of 340 comments
  • 5/10 on how easy it was to reach customer care
  • 9/10 on satisfactory issue resolution
  • 8/10 on staff product knowledge
  • 4/10 on friendliness

Pissedconsumer rated Big Lots two stars and indicated that it took the retailer an average of 37 days to resolve an issue.

What Are Big Lots’ Customer Service Hours?

You can always contact Big Lots at any time of the day or night on many of its platforms.

However, if you wish to get in touch with live assistance, you may have to call during working hours on any day, unless Big Lots indicates otherwise.

If you are looking to learn more, you can also read our posts on Big Lots hours, who owns Big Lots, and where is Big Lots.


All businesses rise and fall on the back of the quality of their customer service.

As such, Big Lots often receives complaints about its products, services, and complaint addressing strategies.

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