Big Mac Vs. Whopper (What’s Bigger, Tastier & Better Value?)

There has been a debate for years over whether or not the Big Mac is better than the Whopper, with both McDonald’s and Burger King looking to reign supreme.

Have you wanted to compare the Big Mac Vs. Whopper and figure out which is the better burger? We’ve got all of the facts about which burger is truly the king below, so keep reading!

Big Mac Vs. Whopper In 2023

When it comes to the Big Mac Vs. Whopper, the Big Mac wins big time when it comes to the nutritional value, appearance, cost, and even the ingredients. Where the Whopper shines is the taste and the more noticeable flame-grilled aspect of the burger. Both burgers have become the primetime star of their respective fast food restaurant.

So are you wondering which is a better value, the Big Mac or Whopper? What about which is healthier? Read on because we’ll debate these topics and tell you the winner!

Which is Better Whopper or Big Mac?

The Big Mac is substantially better than the Whopper, although the Whopper has a little better taste than the Big Mac if it’s prepared correctly.

Furthermore, the Big Mac is better in almost every aspect, from the nutritional value down to the look of it and overall popularity among consumers around the world.

Is Whopper Bigger Than Big Mac?

The Whopper is not biggerthan the Big Mac, and you can set them side by side and see that the Big Mac is bigger in both appearance and overall ingredients.

Additionally, with the Big Mac, you are getting two 100% all-beef patties, plus you get that additional bun in the middle separating the two beef patties with layers of other ingredients.

When you look at the Whopper, the ingredients are not coming out of the sides, it’s less tall than the Big Mac, and it just looks more compact compared to the Big Mac.

Which is Tastier, the Big Mac or Whopper?

The tastiest option is the Whopper due to the flame-grilled burger and the fact that you can taste more of the burger itself and it’s not overpowered by condiments and ingredients.

Furthermore, the Big Mac has special sauce on it, which can be a little overpowering and take away from the taste of the hamburger patties, and the pickles can be a little too intense as well.

Is the Big Mac or Whopper a Better Value?

Is the Big Mac or Whopper a Better Value?

The Big Mac is the best value coming in at around $4, whereas the Whopper is going to cost $4.19, and you get one less hamburger patty with the Whopper.

Moreover, with the Big Mac, you not only get two patties but a lot more ingredients and the additional bun in the middle for $.20 less!

Which Came First: the Big Mac or the Whopper?

The Whopper was created first back in 1957, and the Big Mac wasn’t created until 1967, but didn’t hit the national menu until 1968.

Is the Whopper More Popular Than the Big Mac?

There is no chance that the Whopper is more popular than the Big Mac, considering the number of locations of each fast-food chain.

McDonald’s has more than 34,000 locations all over the world, whereas Burger King only has 12,000 locations!

What are the Ingredients in Big Mac Vs. Whopper?

The Big Mac contains two all-beef patties, pickles, onions, special sauce, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and a toasted Sesame Seed bun with a third bun in the middle.

On the other hand, the Whopper has one 4-ounce flame-grilled hamburger patty, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, tomato, and a toasted Sesame Seed bun, but no middle bun.

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The Big Mac Vs. Whopper debate has been going on for years,  but the Big Mac is the big winner in every aspect except the overall taste, although that’s debatable.

Furthermore, the Big Mac is cheaper, contains one more 100% all-beef patty, a third bun, more ingredients, is healthier, and even stands taller than the Whopper in size.

However, there is something about the flame-grilled taste of the Whopper that has made it a hit among people of all ages, and it has a taste that’s more focused on the burger.

The Big Mac burger can be overpowered by the special sauce and pickles, although people order the Big Mac just for the sauce so some people may like that taste better than a burger taste.

Did we mention that the Big Mac is healthier than the Whopper?

However, both burgers have quite a bit of sodium and fat in them so they should only be eaten occasionally.

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