Biggest McDonald’s in the World (+ Other Common FAQs)

Not all McDonald’s locations are the same size, and have you ever wondered where you could find the biggest McDonald’s in the world?

Well, look no further, as I’m going to tell you all about the largest McDonald’s in the world, such as where it’s at and what you’ll find in the biggest McDonald’s, so keep reading to learn all about it!

Biggest McDonald’s in the World

The biggest McDonald’s in the world is located in Orlando, Florida, and features food items you won’t find at other McDonald’s, such as pizza, pasta, a dessert bar, and waffles. It’s a massive 19,000-square-foot building with more amenities than any other McDonald’s! Additionally, there’s a floor filled with arcade games for kids and adults!

Keep on reading because I have more details about the biggest McDonald’s location and what makes it unique compared to other McDonald’s stores!

Where Is the World’s Largest McDonald’s?

The largest McDonald’s in the world is located in Orlando, Florida, and it goes by the name “Epic McD” since this store is beyond epic in both size and atmosphere.

How Many Square Feet Is the Biggest McDonald’s in the World?

The biggest McDonald’s in the world, in Orlando, Florida, stretches a whopping 19,000 square feet!

Furthermore, if you converted that into acres, it would be .436 acres, which is massive for a McDonald’s store.

To put this into context, multi-million dollar houses rarely even have 19,000 square feet, so it’s more similar to the size of a castle than a house.

When Did the Biggest McDonald’s in the World Open?

The biggest McDonald’s opened back in 1976 and was recently renovated in 2016. B

ut, even though it’s been open for decades, many people have never heard of this Epic McD location.

What Does the World’s Largest McDonald’s Look Like?

The world’s largest McDonald’s has more than just regular McDonald’s food items and a seating area to enjoy your burgers.

That said, if you look at the pictures inside, you’ll find that there are counters inside of the biggest McDonald’s location where you can sit and watch employees prepare all of the food.

Also, there’s a fish tank inside of this McDonald’s and a ton of space, self-service kiosks, cashiers, huge counters, a pizza oven, and much more!

What Kind Of Food Does the Biggest McDonald’s in the World Serve?

What Kind Of Food Does The Biggest McDonald's In The World Serve?

As previously mentioned, this location is more than just regular burgers from McDonald’s.

For example, it features customizable pizza, pasta, burgers, and other food that your typical McDonald’s doesn’t serve.

Pizza & Pasta Dishes

The largest McDonald’s serves all kinds of pasta and pizza, from regular sausage or pepperoni pizzas to customizable pizza or pasta dishes.

Furthermore, additional ingredients to add to pasta dishes include chicken, bacon, veggies, and other delicious pizza toppings.

Additionally, you’ll have more sauce options for pizza, such as pesto, Alfredo, and marinara, so it’s similar to Pizza Hut and even offers build-your-own pizza like Pizza Hut.

What’s cool is that the McDonald’s location has a huge brick pizza oven to give you a better-tasting pizza.

With that, the pizza will be ready within minutes since pizza ovens heat so quickly!

Dessert Items

There is a huge dessert bar that allows you to make your sweet treats, such as a sundae with additional toppings and sauces.

That said, the biggest McDonald’s in the world is great because it serves cakes such as chocolate and cheesecake as dessert!

On top of that, you’ll also find traditional McDonald’s desserts such as the Baked Apple Pie, McFlurry, Shakes, and others.

Breakfast Items

Another enticing part of the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant is the array of breakfast options.

For example, create-your-own omelets and Belgian waffles with fruit toppings are possibilities if you want something different from McDonald’s traditional breakfast.

How Long Is the Biggest McDonald’s in the World Open?

The biggest McDonald’s location is open 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about getting there before it closes.

What Entertainment Can You Find at The Biggest McDonald’s?

You will notice the giant 30-foot tall Ronald McDonald right away outside of the restaurant, welcoming you to the Epic McD world.

Additionally, there’s a 22-foot tall PlayPlace inside the location, so kids can run around and play without feeling cramped.

If you’re looking for entertainment, you’re going to find it in the biggest McDonald’s in the world because this location offers various arcade games and pinball machines too.

That said, both children and adults love the arcade section because it’s huge and on the second floor to get away from the main floor where everyone eats and pays for their meals.

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