Buying A Gift On Amazon (How It Works, Sending Anonymously + More)

Many online and retail stores offer special gift purchases! Customers can choose their own wrapping, include a card and not have to worry about removing price tags and receipts.

If you shop on Amazon, you may have noticed that they have their own service for sending gifts to customers. If you’d like to learn more about this service, keep reading to see what I learned!

Buying a Gift on Amazon

Amazon allows customers to send gifts to their friends and family by selecting the “This Order Contains a Gift” option when placing an item in their shopping cart. Gifts can be sent to friends and family worldwide, provided that the product being sent is available in their area.

Continue reading through this article if you’d like to learn more about how Amazon’s gift service works, how customers can customize their gifts, and other facts and tips on this topic!

How Does Buying a Gift on Amazon Work?

Customers can purchase a gift on Amazon very easily! In order to send a gift, customers can do the following:

1. Once a customer has chosen the product they’d like to send as a gift, they must add it to their cart

2. In the cart, customers can select  the box “This Order Contains a Gift,” which is listed right below the product title

3. After selecting the box, customers may proceed to checkout

4. Once the customer has reached the checkout, they can select their recipient’s address or add a new one

5. After the shipping details are confirmed, customers can add gift options. These options are as follows:

  • Hide prices on packing slip
  • Include a free gift message. This can be done after the order is placed as long as the gift is not in the delivery process
  • Gift wrap the purchase
  • Email the recipient a gift receipt after the purchase has been delivered

6. If customers would like to send a gift at a later date, they can select Save Gift Options

Customers can alter or change their gift options anytime, as long as the gift isn’t being processed for shipping!

Customers should remember that not every item on Amazon is eligible for gift wrapping. However, they can still ship the items to their recipient!

Can I Send a Gift on Amazon Anonymously?

If customers would prefer to keep their gifts a secret, they can do so by paying with an Amazon gift card.

The method for sending an anonymous gift with a gift card is as follows:

  1. First, customers can purchase an Amazon gift card with the required amount for their recipient’s gift.
  2. Once customers have purchased a gift card, they can select their own email address for the gift card receipt. This will provide them with a voucher they can use to purchase their gift!
  3. After purchasing the gift card, customers can select the item they wish to send and add it to their cart and check the box “This Order Contains a Gift.”
  4. Once customers have gone to checkout and added their recipient’s home address, they must select “Gift Receipt” in order to hide the price of the present they are sending.

Purchasing a gift with an Amazon Gift card will help to ensure that the address and name of the person buying the gift are kept a secret.

Can I Buy a Gift on Amazon for Someone in Another Country?

Can I Buy a Gift on Amazon for Someone in Another Country?

Amazon allows customers to send gifts to other countries if the item they’re purchasing is available in the country or region it’s being sent to!

While a product may be available where the customer is located, such items may not be available in the location the customer is sending the gift.

In order to check if a certain product is available, customers can do so by switching their country on Amazon to their recipient’s location and checking if the product page says In Stock or Out of Stock!

Do Gifts from Amazon Have Gift Receipts?

If customers are concerned about their recipient disliking their gift or needing to return it, they can do so through the use of the gift receipt provided by Amazon!

In order to send a gift receipt to their recipient, they can do so by selecting the “Gift Receipt” option at checkout. They will receive the receipt in their email shortly after receiving the gift!

What Can I Add to a Gift from Amazon?

Amazon gives customers a number of options for how to send gifts to their friends and family! Currently, customers can add a gift wrap, a personal note, a gift bag, and a gift receipt to their order.

Not every item on Amazon is eligible for gift wrapping, depending on whether or not the product is being sold by Amazon directly or by a third-party seller.

However, customers can still send most items to a friend or family member’s address without gift wrap! If an item is ineligible for gift wrap, a note will pop up when the customer adds it to their cart.

What is the Return Policy for Amazon Gifts?

Recipients who would like to return a gift can do so easily through Amazon’s Gift Return Center! In order to use this service, customers can do the following:

  1. Using a laptop or desktop computer, customers must first go to the Returns Center.
  2. Next, customers must enter the order number for the gift received, which can be found on the order slip found inside the Amazon delivery box.
  3. After entering the order number, customers must select “Search” and select the items and reason they’d like to return from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next, customers can select their return preference. They can choose an Amazon Locker to return to if they have one in their area!

If recipients cannot find the order number on their gift, they can contact Amazon customer service and provide them with the tracking number.

However, if they were not provided with a tracking number, gift recipients must ask their gift giver for the shipping information.

How Do I Hide an Amazon Gift from my Other Account Users?

If customers are purchasing gifts for family members who use the same Amazon account, they can hide their orders by doing the following:

  • Turn off their Echo device. Alexa will announce deliveries and shipping updates, so turning off the device will prevent family members from overhearing their gift details.
  • Archive the order. Customers can archive the order history for their gift, which will disable family members from viewing the gift that was placed.
  • Ship gift to Amazon Locker. Customers can send their gift to an Amazon Locker store, which will prevent family members from seeing the gift upon arrival.

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Amazon allows customers to turn orders into gifts by selecting “This Order Contains a Gift” at the checkout! Customers can customize gifts by adding wrapping, gift bags, personal notes, and giving their recipient a gift receipt.

If recipients need to return a gift, they can do so by visiting the Returns Center and entering their order information. Also, if customers would like to keep gifts a secret from mutual account members, they can archive the order or ship to an Amazon Locker.

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