What Is Amazon Archive Order? (All You Need to Know)

If you’re an avid online shopper, chances are you’ve checked out all sorts of Amazon offers, and there sure are a lot of them. From daily deals to discounted shipping, there’s so much to love about Amazon, which strives to streamline the customer experience and keep shoppers coming back for more.

When you’re looking at your Amazon account after an online shopping spree, you should see the archive option. However, if you’re wondering what an Amazon archive order is, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Amazon Archive Order In [currentyear]?

An Amazon archive order refers to the option to hide orders you don’t need to see in your shopping history in [currentyear]. Archived orders won’t be deleted, but this setting allows you to tidy your list so you only see the most relevant orders and keep gifts a surprise. You can always search order archives to find what you need.

Keep reading for more details on Amazon archive orders, including how to archive an old order and how to look through your archives!

How to Archive an Amazon Order

Archiving an order on Amazon is easy, whether you have a surprise gift coming that you want to keep secret from someone in your family, or if you’re a regular customer with a long order list.

Either way, you just need to follow these few simple steps to archive an Amazon order:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account and click on Your Orders.
  2. Locate the item or order and click the Archive Order option at the bottom of the order details.
  3. The archived order will no longer appear in your order history.

If you no longer need to reference a particular order or you just want to hide it from view, you can still search it, only in the special section for archived orders rather than the regular order history.

Also, Amazon allows you to archive up to 500 orders, so just keep that maximum in mind while shopping on the Amazon website or app.

One other thing to note is that currently, you can only archive Amazon orders on the browser version, not the mobile app.

Where to View an Amazon Archive Order

Where to View an Amazon Archive Order

Sometimes you may archive an order and never need to look at it again, but Amazon keeps it anyway just in case.

After archiving an item on Amazon, you can always find it under the “view archived orders” option on your browser.

If you want to unarchive an order and bring it back into your shopping history, you can do that from the archived orders section on your account, too.

When using the Amazon Shopping app, you can view archived orders, but not actually archive other orders.

To see what you archived on Amazon’s mobile app, log in and click on the three-line icon to bring up the menu.

Under your orders, you’ll see filters, including archived orders, and then you can switch the filter off when you’re done.

Remember, the idea behind archived orders is to remove them from the default order history view, not delete them completely.

This comes in especially handy in case you want to buy an item again or see how much you spent for personal or business purposes.

Amazon archive orders are also popular for Amazon Household accounts where parents/guardians and children share access to the same account and may need to keep presents a secret from one another.

How to Hide Archived Amazon Orders

While Amazon archived orders are already separated from default orders, sometimes you may want another level of privacy.

Although you cannot hide archived orders, you can take an additional step by hiding browser history.

Under your Amazon dropdown menu, you should see your account, orders, recommendations, and browsing history as the first few menu items.

Click on the recently viewed option to edit browsing history, which includes any items you recently archived.

You can remove any of these items from view, at which point you’ll see the words “removed” across the item.

Any archived or unarchived items you remove from browsing history will appear grayed out and then disappear once you refresh the recently viewed page.

If you need extra privacy beyond normal Amazon archive orders, you may want to turn browsing history on or off for Amazon purchases.

Can You Permanently Delete Amazon Orders?

Amazon archive orders are the closest you can get to permanently deleting Amazon orders.

Unfortunately, for those who like a high level of privacy while browsing and shopping online, Amazon does maintain a record of all orders and there is no way to completely erase them.

This is actually a good thing for shoppers as you never know when you’ll need to go back and check an order, and Amazon lets you organize orders and manage visibility as much as possible.

Also, even if you delete your Amazon account for good, the retailer still retains a record of your past orders, so just be mindful of that while shopping.

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Shopping on Amazon is super convenient, not just because you can order millions of products with one click, but because you can easily update your order settings at any time, including archived orders.

Just go to your orders and next to the item or order you want to archive, you’ll see the option to “archive order” down near the bottom underneath the item photo and the yellow “buy it again” button.

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