Buying Used On Amazon (Must Read Before Buying Used Products)

Many e-commerce websites such as Craiglist, Kijiji, Amazon, and eBay are well known for selling used items, enabling customers to find books, technology, and other products at a much lower price.

So if customers are concerned about purchasing used through Amazon, here is everything you need to know from the quality, authenticity, and if it is safe!

Buying Used On Amazon

Amazon sells used books, music, technology, and other items both as an authorized re-seller and through third-party sellers on their website. Customers can locate used books, DVDs, devices, and other products and a full description of the quality and ware of the product for sale. Amazon also allows returns on used items for any reason.

Keep reading through this article if you’d like to learn more about the safety of purchasing used Amazon products, which products you can purchase used, and other facts, tips, and information!

Is Buying Used Products on Amazon Safe?

According to many customer reviews, Amazon is generally a safe place to purchase used products due to its seller guidelines and their hassle-free return policy!

If customers end up purchasing a used product that is fraudulent from a third-party seller, they can still return it to Amazon even if they did not purchase it from their warehouses.

Amazon also lists customer reviews and rankings on sellers’ product pages and profiles. Therefore, there will generally be feedback from displeased customers if a product proves fraudulent.

While it is generally safe to purchase used items from Amazon, customers are urged to be wary of sellers who seem counterfeit and to filter their search for higher star ratings!

What Kinds of Used Items Can I Buy on Amazon?

Amazon sells a variety of used products, and some of its most popular used items are books, tech devices, and DVDs. 

Well-known third-party sellers such as Thriftbooks and Abebooks sell used books through Amazon, which all vary in quality and are shipped by those companies directly.

Small businesses and Amazon’s Warehouse also provide used CDs and vinyl, which can be found as cheap as $4.99 depending on the seller and music format.

Finally, companies like Apple authorize Amazon to sell used and refurbished electronics and devices, which can generally be found for as cheap as half the original price!

What is Amazon’s Return Policy for Used Products?

What is Amazon’s Return Policy for Used Products?

Amazon allows customers to return most used products, even if they were purchased by a third-party seller. 

Customers have 30 days from their delivery to return any purchased products for free and will receive a full refund.

If the product was not sold directly by Amazon, customers must pay a shipping fee and a restocking fee.

Third-party sellers may have their own return policy for used products, which is indicated on their product page. The return times will generally range from 7-30 days.

What Does “Very Good” Mean When Buying Used on Amazon?

Amazon lists the condition of used products in the description on their product page, and “Very Good” is one of four ratings given to used products!

Amazon rates used product conditions as follows:

  • Used- Like New: Item is in perfect working condition
  • Used- Very Good: very minor cosmetic imperfections on the item
  • Used- Good: Minor cosmetic imperfections on the item
  • Used- Acceptable: Small cosmetic imperfections on the item associated with regular use

When customers are purchasing used items on Amazon, it’s recommended that they search for products in the “Used-Very Good” category in order to receive better quality products.

How Does Amazon Rank the Quality of Used Music?

Amazon’s quality description for music varies from their general condition descriptions.

Used music formats include vinyl, magnetic tapes, and discs! Their descriptions are as follows:

  •  Used- Like New: the case or album cover retains no scratches or scuffing. Artwork on the cover, liner notes, and other inclusions remain in perfect condition. However, packaging may have a remainder cut out, which must be indicated on the product page.
  • Used- Very Good: Packaging, cover art, liner notes, and other inclusions may retain slight wear.
  • Used- Good: The item or packaging may have marks from the owner due to regular use.
  •  Used- Acceptable: The music on the item plays perfectly but is otherwise worn and may retain some damage. Packaging and other inclusions may have marks or items missing.

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Amazon sells a wide variety of used products, including books, music and electronic devices!

According to customer reviews, Amazon is a risk-free website to purchase used products, as they can be returned for any reason within 30 days of delivery.

Customers are, however, urged to buy used items with caution and to read customer reviews on seller’s pages before making a purchase.

Customers can find good quality used products by consulting Amazon’s condition rankings on each product page. 

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