Can I Cash A Wells Fargo Check At Walmart? (Full Guide)

The Walmart Money Center is found in the majority of Walmart across America and is a hub for all things financial! It provides a great and trusted service and is one of the most convenient places for citizens to cash their checks.

However, one question you might be wondering before visiting is whether or not you can cash Wells Fargo checks at Walmart. Here is what I discovered.

Can I Cash A Wells Fargo Check At Walmart?

Yes, customers can cash a Wells Fargo check at Walmart Money Centers. Walmart charges $4 if the value on the Wells Fargo check is $1,000 or below, and for checks valued from $1001 to $5,000, the fee is $8. Wells Fargo checks will also have to pass the verification process before being cashed at Walmart.

To learn more about cashing Wells Fargo checks at Walmart, the fees, limitations, and more, keep on reading!

Should I Cash A Wells Fargo Check At Walmart Or A Bank?

Walmart is often a cheaper alternative for cashing out checks compared to Wells Fargo, with fees starting at as little as $4.

When compared to Wells Fargo, they charge $7.50 per check for non-customers, which is why many customers opt to go to Walmart instead!

In terms of ease, Walmart only requires one form of valid photo identification, whereas most banks require two. 

Additionally, if you have a personal, handwritten or starter check, that is not pre-printed, these will not be accepted at Walmart.

If you wish to cash a check of this nature, the best place to go to is the bank that initially issued the check.

What Are The Limits For Cashing A Check At Walmart? 

Checks that are not pre-printed cannot be encashed at Walmart due to possible issues of fraud.

These types of checks can include personal and starter checks, where the check holder is required to handwrite any personal information.

There are also value limits when cashing out checks at Walmart. Since 2018, Walmart has had a check cashing limit of $5,000, but this is increased to a limit of $7,500 from January to April every year.

Walmart states that within the January to April period, it is best to ask the customer service desk about the cashing out fee for checks above $5,000.

To learn more, also see our guides on what time Walmart stops cashing checks, and if Walmart cashes out of state, Comdata, third party, and personal checks.


It is entirely possible and extremely convenient to cash out a Wells Fargo check at Walmart, and is often cheaper than cashing it out at a bank. Find your local Walmart here to cash your check out today!  

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