Can Lowe’s Look Up Receipts?

As one of the most successful hardware retailers in the United States, Lowe’s sells various products, services, and more to help its customers complete DIY projects. With every purchase, customers get a receipt to keep for their records.

However, customers may wonder if Lowe’s can look up receipts if it can reprint lost receipts, and if Lowe’s saves receipts. After doing some digging, here’s what I’ve learned!

Can Lowe’s Look Up Receipts?

Lowe’s can retrieve your receipt using your credit card or checking account number, Lowe’s card, and phone number. Lowe’s can look up a receipt as far back as three or five years for significant appliances using your phone number. However, Lowe’s cannot print receipts but can find proof of purchase for returns.

For more information about whether Lowe’s can look up receipts, including if you can use your MyLowe’s card to keep track of your receipts, and if you need your receipt to return to Lowe’s, keep reading! 

How Can Lowe’s Find My Receipt?

Lowe’s can find your receipt using several methods.

However, you need to know which store you made purchases in, and it’s recommended to provide as much information as possible, including the date and time of your purchase.

With that, you can use your original credit card or checking account number that you paid to find your Lowe’s purchase.

Also, using your phone number to find your Lowe’s receipt is possible if you have associated it with your purchase.

If you have your MyLowe’s card, you can use it to find your receipt, as it will keep a record of your purchases.

How Far Back Can Lowe’s Look Up a Receipt?

Lowe’s can look up a receipt as far back as three years.

However, Lowe’s can look as far back as five years for a receipt for significant appliance purchases with an associated phone number.

On the other hand, if you paid in cash for your Lowe’s purchase, Lowe’s keeps a record of your purchase for up to 90 days.

Can Lowe’s Reprint a Lost Receipt?

Can Lowe's Reprint A Lost Receipt?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s cannot reprint a lost receipt for you.

However, Lowe’s can search its database to find your purchase history to process a transaction such as a refund or exchange.

Can I Use My MyLowe’s Card To Track My Receipts?

Yes, you can use your MyLowe’s card to record your Lowe’s shopping by attaching your phone number and Lowe’s purchases to the card.

Using the MyLowe’s card gives you access to your complete purchase history at Lowe’s, whether in-store, online, or on the app, allowing you to track and organize by job location, employee, or project.

However, it’s important to remember that you must register your MyLowe’s card on Lowe’s website to work and keep track of your purchases.

Do I Need a Receipt To Return To Lowe’s?

While Lowe’s recommends you have a receipt when making returns, having one is not critical as long as you have valid alternative proof of purchase.

Lowe’s management can deny your return if you cannot provide an alternative proof of purchase.

However, you may be granted Lowe’s store credit for your return without a receipt at the discretion of the Lowe’s store manager.

Do I Need To Keep My Lowe’s Receipt?

Yes, Lowe’s recommends you keep your receipt after you buy products in case you need to return or have an issue with your purchase.

That said, Lowe’s Return Policy states you can return most items within 90 days of purchase, with some exceptions needing to be returned within 30 days.

Also, you can use your Lowe’s receipt to validate the manufacturer’s warranty on some Lowe’s products.

Essentially, keeping track of your receipts from Lowe’s isn’t a bad idea, as it could save you time and frustration in the future!

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  1. We bought a dishwasher n installed from Lowes in april 2022. a month later after I submitted rebate form n receipt, I received a confirmation letter that my rebate has been approved n would be issued soon. It has been almost 10 months now and i still have not received the rebate. i called a couple of days ago, they referred me to their tier 2 department n they sent me an email requesting a receipts of the purchase again. does this sound normal to you?

  2. Great post! I actually had a similar experience where I accidentally threw away a receipt from an earlier purchase and was able to retrieve it from Lowe’s customer service. Their representative was super helpful and walked me through the process. Thanks for sharing this info, it’s super helpful for those of us who may forget to save our receipts in the future!

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