Can Uber Deliver Items? (All You Need to Know)

Since ridesharing services like Uber were introduced, on-demand transportation has become more widespread.

In fact, one natural development for this business model would be to allow package delivery, so if you’re wondering whether Uber has taken this step and introduced delivery for items, read on!

Can Uber Deliver Items in 2024?

Uber can deliver items through services like Uber Connect, Freight, and Uber for Business in 2024. You can have items delivered through Uber using different available options depending on how fast you want the shipping and package size. Connect is currently the Uber package delivery service with the most coverage, with the others only being available in select markets.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about sending items with Uber, including information on the options available, what you can and can’t send, and more!

What Is Uber Connect?

Uber Connect is a same-day local delivery service that lets you ship smaller packages from within the Uber app.

You can also use this service to request delivery from someone else. Either way, you can track how it’s moving through the app.

Uber Connect is limited to smaller geographical regions, e.g. delivery within a city.

Therefore, you can’t use it to send something across an international border no matter how short the distance.

To ensure a more reliable service, drivers might need to provide a PIN from the recipient.

What Is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight is a delivery option that lets truck drivers provide shipping services to customers, matched through the app.

This shipping option is limited to large items and is mainly intended for businesses looking to ship cargo across long distances.

Uber Freight only uses 18-wheel rigs to make deliveries, so vehicles like pick-up and box trucks aren’t allowed.

Aside from the standard flatbed and dry van trailer options, drivers can also use reefers to carry cargo that requires refrigeration like meat and beer.

What Is Uber Powerloop?

What Is Uber Powerloop?

Uber Powerloop is a service that complements Freight by allowing drivers to pick up preloaded trailers, streamlining the process.

Under this program, the drivers work on a “power only” system, i.e. where they only need to provide the power (the actual truck).

This option is intended for drivers who don’t want to or can’t use their own trailers so they transport ones owned by others, made available for rent.

Uber acts as a middleman, connecting truck owners and drivers to trailer owners that handle all the loading and customers.

What Is Uber for Business?

Uber for Business is a platform that allows companies to access different services, including rides, delivery, and meals from Uber Eats, all under one corporate account.

For deliveries, Uber allows its business customers to both receive and send packages as per their companies’ needs.

What Can’t I Send With Uber?

Uber does not allow you to send certain prohibited items, including the following:

  1. Alcohol
  2. People
  3. Highly perishable items like dairy products and raw meat
  4. Recreational drugs and drug paraphernalia, including tobacco products like vapes
  5. Animals and animal parts, including blood and fluids
  6. Firearms
  7. Money, gift cards, etc.
  8. Fragile items
  9. Stolen goods
  10. Sexual aids, including pornographic material
  11. Anything the recipient might consider harassing or threatening
  12. Anything you don’t have permission to send

If you’re sending something in a car, the package will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be small enough to fit in the trunk of a mid-size vehicle
  2. Have a combined maximum weight of 30lbs
  3. Not contain any of the prohibited items listed above
  4. Be closed, securely sealed, and ready for curbside pickup, even if you expect someone to be there to receive it

If you’re sending something via scooter or bike, it should:

  1. Be small or medium in size
  2. Have a combined maximum weight of 15lbs
  3. Fit comfortably in a backpack
  4. Not contain any prohibited items
  5. Be closed, securely sealed, and ready for curbside pickup

Can I Use Uber to Deliver a Gift?

You can use Uber to deliver a gift as a package in Uber Connect. If it’s a surprise, it might be harder because you usually need someone to pick up the package at the destination.

You can leave the driver instructions to leave it at their door, but Uber says that drivers can decline these kinds of requests if they think it’s too much of a risk.

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You can send items with Uber through different options like Uber Connect and Freight. Uber Connect allows same-day delivery over short distances for smaller packages. Uber Freight uses 18-wheelers for long-distance delivery of large shipments.

Uber doesn’t allow you to send certain things such as animals, tobacco, alcohol, stolen goods, firearms, and fragile items. If you’re sending a package in a car, it needs to fit inside the trunk and, if you’re using a bike, it should be light and fit inside a backpack.

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