Can Verizon Find My Phone? (Tracking, Android, iPhone + Other FAQs)

You might have Verizon and be wondering if the company can locate your phone, which would be convenient if your phone is lost or stolen.

If so, I am going to tell you the answer and so much more, since I’ve been researching this topic and have discovered a lot of useful information in case your phone is lost, so keep reading!

Can Verizon Find My Phone In 2024?

Verizon can find your phone if you have the location services turned on for your device, including if you’ve turned on Find My Device on your Android smartphone or tablet in 2024. For those on iOS, you will need to have Find My iPhone turned on, and then you can locate your device.

Are you looking for more information about whether Verizon can find your phone? Well, continue reading to learn even more facts and I’ll answer all of your questions below!

Can Verizon Track a Lost Cell Phone?

Verizon can track a lost cell phone and you can too if you have the Find My Device or Find My iPhone service turned on.

Furthermore, you can look up the approximate location of your device yourself or you can reach out to Verizon Customer Service for further assistance.

Can Verizon Find My Android Phone?

If you have an Android device, it can be pretty easy to locate your phone using Find My Device. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Google Account
  2. Go into your “Profile”
  3. Find your phone in your list of connected devices
  4. Select your phone from the list
  5. Look at the map that has appeared, which shows the approximate location of your phone

However, you may not be able to find your Android phone using Find My Device if one of the following is true:

  • You have Find My Device turned off or disabled
  • Your location isn’t enabled
  • You can’t log in to your Google account
  • The phone has been disconnected

Can I Locate My iPhone Through Verizon?

Can I Locate My iPhone Through Verizon?

You can locate your iPhone through Verizon as well if you have the Find My iPhone, known as Find My, turned on.

For example, if you want to track your iPhone through Verizon using the Find My app, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to a web browser on another device
  2. Go to iCloud
  3. Log in to Find My iPhone/ Find My
  4. Enter your Apple ID
  5. Select “All Devices”
  6. Find the device you want to locate
  7. Locate the device on the map by looking for the red dot

However, you need to have your Location Services turned on to find your iPhone and you also need to remember that the location is approximate.

Can Verizon Find My Flip Phone?

Verizon cannot find your basic phone or flip phone regardless of whether it has power or not since the ability to find a phone is only available on smartphones.

However, you can go into “My Usage” and see if your phone has been used since you lost it, which can give you a clue as to whether someone else has your device.

Additionally, Verizon recommends that if your basic phone is lost then you should suspend your service while you look for it so that it’s not used without your authorization.

You also can choose to cancel that phone completely if you think you’ve lost your basic phone for good and just get a new phone.

Can Verizon Find My Dead Phone?

Verizon can find your dead phone, but it depends on which device you’re trying to locate and the operating system you’re running on.

For example, if you have an iPhone 11 or newer, then you can track a dead iPhone thanks to an update on Find My from Apple.

This new update lets you track a phone that has a dead battery or has been powered off, but if you haven’t updated Find My then you may not have this option.

Additionally, those on an Android device in most cases can still track their Android phone if their phone is dead, but it’s not guaranteed.

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Verizon can find your phone, but you need to have location services turned on and also have to Find My Device enabled if you’re on Android. Also, you will need to have Find My iPhone enabled if you’re on an iOS device for Verizon to find your Phone or for you to track your phone. 

However, Verizon cannot find a flip phone or basic phone, and if you find your phone on the map, remember that the location is approximate and not guaranteed to pinpoint the exact location,

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