Can You Combine Target Gift Cards? (Full Guide)

Target offers customers a plethora of ways to pay for their shopping, whether it is in-store or online at, making it easier than ever to get your errands done for a fraction of the price.

However, when it comes to using multiple Target gift cards to pay for your purchase, you might be wondering—can you combine Target gift cards? I looked into the matter, and here is what I could find out about it.

Can You Combine Target Gift Cards?

Target does allow customers to combine gift cards. At the store register, ask the cashier to combine your gift card amounts onto one single card, or do it yourself through the Target app. You can also combine Target gift cards for your online purchases, using up to 10 gift cards at a time.

For more information on Target gift cards and Target’s policy about combining them, read on!

How Can You Combine Target Gift Cards?

If you are in the store, simply ask a sales associate at the checkout register to combine the value of multiple gift cards into one, and the store will recycle the extra cards you empty.

You can then use that single card for the transaction in-store or save it for later shopping.

Alternatively, use the Target app to add the gift cards to your Target Wallet via the codes from each card’s back, and use the scannable QR codes to combine the values at checkout with an associate or at a self-checkout kiosk.

Can You Combine Multiple Target Gift Cards Online?

According to Target’s online order policy, you can use multiple Target gift cards to complete your purchase, though you cannot split the cost over more than one credit card.

There is no limit on the items you can purchase with multiple Target gift cards online or the method of delivery, and you can combine physical or eGift Cards when shopping online.

How Many Target Gift Cards Can You Use In One Online Transaction?

At, you can combine any credit or debit card (including Target’s Credit Card and Target’s Debit Card) with up to 10 Target gift card payments.

The charge sequence at the online checkout portal will be to use the Target gift cards first and then the credit or debit card.

Customers can use up to 10 physical Target gift cards or eGift Cards as payment for each online order.

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Yes, customers with multiple Target gift cards can easily combine their values. Either at a cash register or through the Target app, combine your Target gift cards for easier use in checkout.

If shopping online, you can use up to 10 Target gift cards or eGift Cards for each order at, along with a valid credit or debit card.

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