Can You Doordash With A Motorcycle? (+ Other Vehicle Types)

Doordash provides a relatively simple food delivery system for both the customer and the dasher.

If you’re looking to join the service as a dasher but don’t have a car, we’ve looked into the options that are still available to you so keep reading below!

Can You Doordash With A Motorcycle In [currentyear]?

You can Doordash with a motorcycle as long as you have a valid license, insurance, and are at least 18 years old as of [currentyear]. To effectively Doordash with a motorcycle, you would need to have a cooler bolted to the back that can fit a few orders at a time.

Read on to learn all you need to know about what vehicles you can Doordash with, including scooters, bikes, and more, as well as other requirements related to Dashing using vehicles!

Can You Doordash On A Bike?

You can Doordash on a bike (bicycle) but you would be limited to only being able to deliver certain types of items.

According to Doordash’s website, when you set your default vehicle as a bike, you will only receive orders for “bike-friendly” items.

Furthermore, this means that you can’t take orders for large items like pizzas or potentially dangerous items like hot soups and drinks.

Can You Doordash With A Skateboard?

You can Doordash with a skateboard if you wanted to but there is no official way to choose it as an option.

How much success you can have when using a skateboard for Doordash depends on how well you can ride one and the area in which you’re operating.

Can You Doordash With A Scooter?

You can Doordash on a scooter and the company itself has confirmed this.

Additionally, you can use either a manual or electric scooter for Doordash but the latter is the only one that is an officially supported option within the app.

However, Doordashing with a scooter would only make sense in a city with a large network of paved paths.

Can You Doordash With A Rental Car?

Fortunately, you can use a rental car in cities where it’s a requirement to Doordash using a proper vehicle.

In fact, Doordash sometimes encourages dashers to use rentals when they don’t have their own car.

For example, a few years back, Doordash partnered with Hertz to provide rentals at a lower rate than usual.

Additionally, Hertz usually charges a “young renter fee” of $19 per day for renters that are less than 25 but, under this partnership, the fee was waived for everyone over 20.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Car For Doordash?

Fortunately, you can use somebody else’s car for Doordash because the company only requires that you have “a car”.

Additionally, Doordash’s requirements need you to be over 18, have a valid driver’s license, provide your social security number, and agree to a background check.

However, they don’t demand that the vehicle you use belongs to you.

Can You Do Doordash By Walking?

Can You Do Doordash By Walking?

You can Doordash by walking in certain major cities like Boston and New York.

If you want to deliver Doordash on foot, you would need to be in a city that facilitates this, which is why it’s an option that’s currently restricted.

When walking as a dasher, you can get around the area faster using public transport options like buses and subways which is why it’s limited to places where the networks are more robust.

Can You Doordash With A DUI?

You can’t Doordash with a DUI unless it happened a long enough time ago that it’s disappeared from your record.

Doordash conducts a background check before they can start you off as a dasher and, if you have a recent DUI (within the past 7 to 10 years) you might not get approved.

Does Doordash Make You Have Insurance?

If you’re using a motorized vehicle (car, motorbike, etc.) for Doordash then you’re required by law to have insurance for it.

Otherwise, Doordash will provide its own insurance that covers all dashers using motor vehicles automatically as soon as they sign up.

However, Dashers that use bicycles or deliver on foot are not covered.

Will Doordash Cover An Accident?

Doordash will cover your accident if you were on an active delivery using a motor vehicle when it happened.

Assuming these conditions are met, Doordash will only cover your accident if your primary insurance provider has rejected your claim.

Additionally, if you don’t have an insurance provider, Doordash might also reject your claim.

An “active delivery” is considered as the period after accepting an order and handing it over to the customer or it gets canceled.

If the accident happens while you’re browsing through the app but haven’t yet accepted any orders then Doordash will not cover it.

Furthermore, Doordash’s accident insurance policy will not cover the damage to your vehicle, only your medical needs, including:

  1. Up to $1 million in medical expenses
  2. Disability payments of 50% of your average weekly wage up to $500 a week
  3. Survivor’s payments of up to $150,000 for eligible dependents

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Fortunately, you can Doordash with a motorcycle, bike, scooter, or skateboard. Furthermore, you can also Doordash by walking in cities with a strong public transport system. Additionally, you can Doordash using a rental because they don’t require you to use your own car.

However, you can’t Doordash with a DUI unless it’s been long enough that it won’t show up on a background check. Additionally, Doordash will cover an accident if it happens when on an active delivery using a motor vehicle but you’ll need to be turned down by your primary insurer first.

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