Can You Film In Walmart? (Your Full Guide)

Vloggers, YouTubers, and filmmakers may be encouraged to capture the hustle and bustle of activity at Walmart.

But before you go into Walmart and start recording, you first might be wondering if you can film in Walmart and what the consequences may be. This is what I found out!

Can You Film In Walmart? 

Unfortunately, Walmart does not allow customers to film while in-store on either a camera or smartphone as of 2024. Walmart’s policy clearly states that unauthorized filming is prohibited at all stores out of respect for associates and customers. Therefore, associates have the right to remove you from the premises.

Keep on reading to find out why filming at Walmart is prohibited, and if there is any way around this!

Is It Illegal To Film In Walmart?

No, it is not illegal to film at Walmart. Stores are classed as private property, meaning associates have the authority to halt any filming and possibly remove you from the premises.

So while Walmart does not allow filming in Walmart, if you get caught recording a Walmart haul for a YouTube channel, for example, a Walmart associate will likely just ask you to stop or possibly delete the footage.

However, if the person refuses to comply, Walmart staff may escalate the situation if customers do not meet their requests. If this is to happen, then the police may be called.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Allow Filming?

Walmart prevents filming in stores to respect the privacy of customers and associates.

Customers may feel violated if they or their child was filmed without permission leading to severe consequences for Walmart later down the line.

To eliminate the risk of a lawsuit, Walmart forbids all filming in-store.

If a negative situation was filmed, Walmart’s reputation could receive potential backlash, consequently deterring future customers.

Additionally, when customers are in a Walmart store, they are technically on private property, so Walmart wants their associates and customers to feel that their privacy and safety are being kept.

Can You Use A Smartphone To Film In Walmart?  

Unfortunately, you cannot use a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, etc.) to film at Walmart.

Smartphone cameras have rapidly developed over recent years, leaving little difference between them and a professional camera. For this reason, those using a video phone camera will be treated.

What Happens If You Film At Walmart?

Filmers will be told to stop by either a store manager or associate; you must comply with their request. If not, security may escort you from the premises.

Reluctance to leave Walmart’s private property could result in a store ban. Verbal trespass warnings usually incur a 24-hour ban; however, a formal police warning stands for a year or more.

What is Walmart’s Filming Policy?

Walmart explicitly states that unauthorized filming (including taking photos) in stores is prohibited out of respect for customers and associates.

However, customers can ask for permission to film from Walmart’s media relations department.

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Conclusion: Can You Film In Walmart?

No, Walmart forbids filming of any kind by unauthorized individuals. This is out of respect for customers and associates privacy.

If you are caught filming, you may be asked to leave. Failure to comply runs the risk of trespassing, where consequences resulting in a store ban.  

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