What Sets Off Walmart Door Alarms?

Walmart loses billions of dollars yearly due to theft in its stores, so it takes security and tracking very seriously.

One particular strategy Walmart uses to catch and deter thieves is to install RFID door alarms at the exit of their stores. But what exactly sets off Walmart door alarms? Here is what I discovered.

What Sets Off Walmart Door Alarms?

RFID tags, AutoPeg tags, and magnetic tag labels set off Walmart door alarms. Typically, Walmart attaches these security tags to TVs, books, clothing, video games, console controls, and makeup. If a Walmart door alarm is triggered, Walmart personnel may check your belongings or receipt.

How Do Walmart’s Door Alarms Work?

Security sensors are placed on either side of Walmart’s public entrance and exit doors, searching for active and attached security tags.

The door alarms will sound a response signal when they detect a live tag frequency, alerting security of a possible shoplifting offense.

How Do Walmart Security Tags Work?

Walmart usually secures its goods with wired radio frequency tags, AutoPeg tags, or sticks on magnetic labels.

Security tags must be dismantled or deactivated by a store associate using specialist tools at the checkout. Live tags are designed to trigger door sensors when they are near.

If a customer were to attempt to remove the tag themselves, they would risk setting off a separate alarm or causing the item permanent, irreversible damage.

Which Items Does Walmart Security Tag?

Walmart attaches security tags to high-value items such as electronics, batteries, clothing, furniture, jewelry, make-up, and desirable home accessories.

Thieves are most likely to target profitable items and receive the most protection.

Walmart tends to leave lesser valued items such as candy bars, toilet paper, and unloaded gift cards as they will not incur a significant loss to Walmart should they be stolen.

What Happens If I Accidentally Set Off Walmart Alarms?

If you have innocently triggered Walmart’s door alarm, wait for a store associate to approach you at the exit.

On rare occasions, store associates may miss a tag, leaving it attached to purchased items. Make sure you have your receipt ready to prove you bought each item.

Security tags left on items from other stores may also set Walmart’s door alarm off upon entrance. You’ll need to head back to the previous store to have the tag deactivated or removed.

Do Barcodes Set Of Walmart Door Alarms?

No, barcodes will not set Walmart’s door alarms off. Barcodes are only compatible with store scans indicating an item’s price and product information. RFID tags are often located near the barcode, which will set the alarm off.

Do Walmart Identify Thieves That Avoid Door Alarms?

Yes, alongside door sensors, Walmart equips stores with CCTV cameras that can detect shoplifters’ identities, even if they manage to avoid the alarm.

Additionally, Walmart undertakes stock checks that highlight unauthorized missing items.

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