Sam’s Club Membership Renewal (Does It Auto Renew, How To Renew + More)

Investing in a Sam’s Club membership allows you to access exclusive deals on tangible items like groceries and gives you access to services like auto care and pharmacies. 

However, you may have some questions about Sam’s Club memberships. For example, how do you renew your Sam’s Club membership? Or is there a way to renew your membership plan automatically?  

Here is all I have discovered about renewing Sam’s Club memberships throughout my research!  

Sam’s Club Membership Renewal

New Sam’s Club members are enrolled in the store’s Auto-Renew service, which renews your membership automatically. The Auto Renew service charges a $1 fee, which is credited back to ensure the payment method is still active. Additionally, you can renew memberships online, in person, by phone, or the mail.  

To learn more about the different ways to renew your Sam’s Club membership, continue reading!  

Does Your Sam’s Club Membership Automatically Renew?

When you join Sam’s Club in-store or online with an eligible debit or credit card, your membership account is automatically enrolled in the store’s Auto Renew program.  

If you are enrolled in the Auto Renew program, you will receive an email two weeks before your membership renewal date to remind you of the upcoming payment charged to your account.  

Although new members are automatically enrolled in the Auto Renew service, it is not required, and you always have the option to opt out of Auto Renew if you prefer.  

If you are not enrolled in Auto-Renew, Sam’s Club will prompt you to join when upgrading or renewing your membership plan.  

How Do You Set Your Membership To Automatically Renew?

If your membership plan is not part of the Auto Renew service, Sam’s Club makes enrolling simple.

First, you must sign in to your account on Sam’s Club’s website.  

After you sign in, locate the account information page to change your settings. Select the Auto-renew settings, which are under the Membership header, to change your Auto-Renew status.  

If you have a debit or credit card already set up as a default payment, check the box that enables Auto Renew.

To enter a default payment, select the ‘Add default payment method’ button on the page.

Once you enter a default payment method, the website will prompt you to agree to the terms and conditions of Auto Renew.  

Are There Charges To Renew Your Sam’s Club Membership Automatically?

Are There Charges To Renew Your Sam’s Club Membership Automatically

The Auto Renew service is a free convenience for active members.

However, Sam’s Club does charge a $1 fee at the time of renewal to ensure the card you have on file is still active and valid.  

The $1 charge will be restored to your account after your account is charged for the annual membership fee.  

Additionally, the price of a Sam’s Club membership renewal is $45 per year, while a Sam’s Plus membership is $100

How Do You Renew Your Sam’s Club Membership (Without Setting Up Auto-Renew)?

If you do not want to enroll in the Auto Renew service, Sam’s Club offers 4 different ways to renew your membership; online, in-store, by phone, or through the mail.  


Perhaps the quickest and most efficient way to renew your Sam’s Club membership is to do so online.

First, sign in to your member account on Sam’s Club website to renew your membership online.  

After clicking on your account settings, you can pay for a new membership plan with the card that is on file.

Or, you can add a new debit or credit card to pay with.  


Another simple way to renew your membership at Sam’s Club is by doing so at the store.

You can visit the Membership Desk at your local store to renew your membership.  

Additionally, you can renew your Sam’s Club membership while checking out at the cash register.

To renew a membership plan at a cash register, you must do so at one of the standard checkouts and not a self-checkout station.  


You can also renew your Sam’s Club membership over the phone.

You can renew memberships without add-ons by calling the number (888) 433-7267.  

If your membership has add-ons, the new call to renew your plan is (888) 746-7726. When you renew your Sam’s Club membership over the phone, ensure you have your membership number ready, found on your membership card.  


Another way to renew your membership is to do so by mail. However, this method is not as popular because it takes up to 14 days to process the paperwork.  

If you would like to renew your membership by mail, you can find the address on Sam’s Club’s website 

Can You Use An Expired Membership Card At Sam’s Club?

Membership plans at Sam’s Club are valid for 12 months after the initial date of activation. There are very few circumstances where membership plans are good for longer or shorter periods.  

However, as soon as your membership passes the 12-month mark, you cannot use your membership until it is renewed or upgraded.  

How Do You Cancel Your Sam’s Club Membership?

If you would like to cancel your membership at Sam’s Club, you can do so at any point and receive a refund if you cancel before the 12-month renewal point.  

To cancel your membership immediately, visit the Membership desk at any Sam’s Club. Another way to cancel your membership is to do so over the phone by calling the number (888) 746-7726.  

If you cancel your membership before the annual renewal, Sam’s Club issues you an eGift card for the remaining worth of your membership plan.

A Sam’s Club eGift card is eligible for use at Walmart,, and

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When you join Sam’s Club, the store automatically enrolls you in the Auto Renew service, so you do not have to worry about renewing your membership.  

However, if you are not enrolled in the Auto Renew service, you can join through Sam’s Club’s website or renew your membership in-store, online, by phone, or by mail.   

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