Can You Order DoorDash For Someone Else? (Yes, Here’s How)

DoorDash is the leading food delivery service, claiming over half of the industry’s market share. Because DoorDash offers food deliveries from almost every restaurant in the area, it’s no wonder DoorDash is so popular.

But what if you want to place a DoorDash order for someone else in a different city or even state. You might be asking, can you order DoorDash for someone else? I’ve looked into the matter, and here’s everything I discovered!

Can You Order DoorDash For Someone Else In 2024?

As long as you know your recipient’s address, you can place DoorDash orders for someone else as of 2024. To order DoorDash for someone else, first, change the address and proceed with your order as you usually would. Also, DoorDashers know when an order is a gift after picking up the order.

If you want to learn more about ordering DoorDash for someone else, the types of orders you can send to someone else, how to change your address, and more, keep on reading! I’ve included everything you want to know!

Can You Order Food From DoorDash For Someone Else?

Yes, you can place DoorDash orders and have them delivered to someone else, even if they don’t live near you.

Essentially, as long as you have the person’s address, DoorDash can complete your order regardless of the location.

Therefore, if you want to send a friend a pizza and live in a different state, you can do so with DoorDash.

Also, you can choose whether or not to inform the recipient of the DoorDash order beforehand.

How Do You Order DoorDash For Someone Else?

Ordering DoorDash for someone else is very straightforward. That said, it’s essential that you have the delivery address because you can’t place the DoorDash order without it.

After logging in to your DoorDash account, change the delivery address to your recipient’s address.

Then, once the address is changed, the restaurants available for delivery will also change. Next, find the food you want from DoorDash and follow the payment process as you usually would.

Additionally, make sure you enter any special delivery instructions after you pay before finalizing your order.

That way, the DoorDasher will have an easier time completing the order if they have specific delivery instructions. 

What’s The Difference When Ordering DoorDash For Someone Else?

The primary difference between ordering DoorDash for yourself and for a friend is the address change.

For example, if you don’t change the address, you won’t be able to see the list of available restaurants for the location you’re ordering food to.

Further, the list of available DoorDash restaurants changes with address changes, especially if you’re placing an order for someone in a different state.

Also, when ordering DoorDash for someone else, it’s helpful to add special delivery instructions for the delivery driver.

For example, it’s best for the DoorDasher to hand the food directly to the person instead of leaving it on their doorstep.

With that, this is especially true if the person doesn’t know they’re receiving any food.

What Types Of Orders Can You Send To Someone Else On DoorDash?

You can order food, alcohol, and items from convenience stores on DoorDash and get them delivered to someone else.

On the DoorDash app, it’s referred to as placing an order for a “gift recipient.”

Moreover, you have the option to add the gift recipient’s phone number so the DoorDasher can contact them if there are any problems.

Currently, you cannot place large DoorDash orders (like catering orders) and send them to someone else.

Do DoorDashers Know When They’re Delivering A Gift Order?

Do DoorDashers Know When They're Delivering A Gift Order?

Yes, DoorDashers are informed when they’re delivering a gift order. That said, in the Dasher app, the driver sees that they’re delivering a gift order after they pick it up from the restaurant.

Further, the drop-off screen on the app shows information about the gift sender and recipient.

That way, a DoorDasher can contact either person if they run into any issues or have trouble completing the order.

Can You Change Your Delivery Address After Placing A DoorDash Order?

Yes, you can change the delivery address after you’ve placed a DoorDash order. But, if you’re ordering food for someone else, the address must be in the same region as the old address.

That way, you can ensure the DoorDasher is still in range to complete the order. Further, to change your address on DoorDash, follow these steps:

  • Go to your DoorDash delivery, where the order tracker is located
  • Click on “Help”
  • Click on “Change of Address”
  • After this, you can choose an address from your list of saved addresses or enter a new address

What Happens When DoorDashers Deliver To The Incorrect Address?

When DoorDashers make a mistake and deliver to the wrong address, they will correct their mistake as soon as possible and bring the order to the correct address.

Typically, a DoorDasher realizes they delivered an order to the wrong address after calling or texting the customer when they’ve arrived.

After learning they made a mistake, the DoorDasher receives the correct address from the customer and delivers it as quickly as possible.

Also, you can file a complaint about a late order or poor food quality with DoorDash’s customer support and get a refund or store credit.

Can Multiple People Use The Same DoorDash Account?

Yes, you can share your DoorDash account with multiple people as long as they have your login information.

However, you may run into problems if you forget to change your address when placing deliveries.

According to DoorDash customers, it’s vital to double-check the delivery address if you share a DoorDash account with someone else that doesn’t live with you.

Because the DoorDash app is free, some customers recommend not sharing an account because it can become inconvenient.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on DoorDash driver going wrong way, DoorDash late delivery, and how to cancel a DoorDash order & get a refund.


DoorDash makes it easy to place an order and have it delivered to someone else in a different part of the area or even a different city or state.

That said, all you need to have to place a DoorDash order for someone else is their address.

Moreover, it helps to add special delivery instructions for the DoorDasher when sending a gift order via DoorDash.

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