Can You Pick up Amazon Packages? (From Warehouse, Stores + More)

We all know shipping is a big part of Amazon’s business model, but can you also pick up Amazon packages? You might be surprised by the answer.

So, if you’d like to learn more, check out the guide below to find out if you can pick up your Amazon packages from stores, warehouses, and more!

Can You Pick up Amazon Packages In 2024?

Customers can pick up Amazon packages from several locations in 2024. Packages can be picked up at times to fit customers’ schedules without additional fees from delivery hubs, and shipping partner locations like Whole Foods and UPS. Some areas also have physical Amazon stores where customers can securely pick up packages.  

If you want to find more locations where customers can pick up an Amazon package, keep reading for more useful information!

Can You Pick up Amazon Packages Early?

In general, Amazon will need at least a day to process all orders.

After processing has been completed, it’s possible for Amazon customers to pick up packages early rather than waiting for the boxes to ship to their homes.

Where Can You Pick up Packages From Amazon?

Although Amazon ships packages to almost every country globally, sometimes it’s more convenient to just pick them up from another location, such as the following places:

Amazon Hub/Counter

Rather than waiting on a delivery, customers can choose to deliver their package to a hub location or shipping partner, which will give them the option of picking up their package at a time that suits their schedule.

Customers can also request store associates to hold Amazon packages at Amazon counters. For your convenience, these counters can be found inside retail locations such as pharmacies, convenience stores, or supermarkets.

Amazon Shipping Partners

Some of Amazon’s shipping partners include FedEx and USPS. Instead of dropping off packages at a residential address, Amazon can ship packages to a shipping partner or hub location for retrieval.

Amazon Locker

Customers can use Amazon Locker services like a traditional locker service, i.e Lockerz or Locksmiths, a self-service kiosk often found in 24-hour accessible locations.

Can You Pick up Amazon Packages at Whole Foods?

Amazon has more than 900 city hubs, some with Whole Foods Market locations where you can get packages while running errands.

Sometimes it’s just easier to get a box on the way home rather than waiting for a delivery truck at home.

Where Can You Pick up Amazon Fresh Orders?

Where Can You Pick up Amazon Fresh Orders?

Although Amazon Fresh orders are usually delivered to your home or office, Prime members can get free grocery pickup from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market in select cities just by reserving an available slot!

Note that Prime members must be eligible within a 30-minute drive of a Whole Foods Market location.

Can You Pick Up Amazon Packages at USPS?

Another shipping partner where Amazon customers can pick up packages is the USPS.

To get your Amazon order delivered to a post office, choose your local branch to ask for the preferred pickup location during the checkout process on Amazon’s website.

During pickup, you will need to present your government-issued photo ID at the branch when you collect it.

Can You Pick up Amazon Packages at Kohls?

Another example of an Amazon counter is Kohls. To help increase its sales and market itself better to the online sales industry, Kohl’s will now allow customers who buy products from Amazon to pick up these items at local Kohl’s locations.

Can You Pick up Amazon Packages at UPS?

Like the USPS, Amazon has partnered with UPS to offer a package pickup service.

This means Amazon customers can pick up packages at UPS locations. Note that a valid photo ID will need to be shown for pickup.

Can You Pick up Amazon Orders Directly From Amazon Warehouses?

Amazon does not have any warehouses in the United States open for customers to pick up packages. 

Can You Pick up Amazon Orders From Amazon Stores?

If you’re located near an Amazon store, most items sold and fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for pickup.

Find an Amazon Store

Currently, Amazon has physical stores located in several different US states. To find a store near you, check the website for each type of store.

Ship to an Amazon Store

With Amazon, customers can save locations for nearby Amazon stores and add them to your contact list for future purchases.

Alternatively, you can search for the store’s phone number or address when prompted during checkout.

Sending an order to an Amazon store doesn’t incur additional shipping fees. In addition, Prime members can get free same-day shipping with no minimum purchase required.

Whereas, even non-Prime members can receive free standard shipping on orders over $25; otherwise, the regular rates apply.

When an order arrives at the store, the customer receives an email notification detailing pickup instructions and a unique pickup code.

Once the package is picked up, only the unique pickup code needs to be presented to verify identity.

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Amazon offers the convenience of leaving packages at various drop-off locations, so customers can make their purchases without disrupting their schedules or waiting on delivery trucks. Customers can pick up packages at Whole Foods, Kohls, USPS or UPS.

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