Does Amazon Deliver To Apartments? (Your Full Guide)

Amazon’s fast delivery times make shopping more efficient and enjoyable than ever before. Also, Amazon has an extensive network, allowing them to deliver to almost every area of the country.

But if you live in an apartment complex, you may be curious about how Amazon will deliver your orders and if it is as safe as deliveries going to houses.

Here is everything you need to know about Amazon’s delivery process if you live in an apartment!

Does Amazon Deliver To Apartments?

Amazon does deliver to apartment complexes. Customers can choose to have their Amazon order delivered directly to an apartment unit or left at the front desk of the complex. However, the package delivery process varies between apartment complexes, so check in with your landlord to see your instructions.

To learn more about Amazon deliveries to apartments and whether or not Amazon delivers larger packages to apartment units, keep on reading!

Can You Have Amazon Orders Delivered To Apartments?

On the checkout page, Amazon lists four different ways to have your package delivered to your apartment so you can know what to expect.

The first option states that the carrier will leave your package at your front door, regardless of whether or not you are home.

The second delivery option says your Amazon order will be delivered to a secure location within your apartment complex, like a front desk or manager’s office.

To ensure secure delivery, a third option is to have your Amazon order delivered to your door as long as an adult is a home to accept the package.

Finally, Amazon also offers a delivery option where your product is delivered to your front door, unpacked by the delivery person, and includes the opportunity for Instant Returns.

However, every apartment complex has its own set of rules when it comes to package delivery. So it is best to check with your apartment managers to see how Amazon orders are handled.

Additionally, if your apartment is in a gated complex with post boxes on the front, your apartment manager might be able to come up with a solution for delivery while not home.

Otherwise, according to some customers, Amazon delivery drivers can be sloppy can leave the parcel in the public entranceway, which is prone to theft.

Does Amazon Deliver Large Packages To Apartments?

How Does Shipping Amazon Orders To Apartments Work?

If you plan on ordering a more oversized item for your apartment complex, you may be wondering if the package will be sent directly to your front door.

From our research, Amazon does deliver large parcels (furniture, TVs, etc) to apartment units, but there are some requirements to do so.

Amazon requests that before your order is sent to your apartment, you ensure your contact information is up to date and provide clear delivery instructions and access codes.

Amazon also asks that you provide a clear path for the delivery person. Amazon’s website also states that delivery carriers only bring large packages to units up or down only two flights of stairs. So for those living on the 4th floor or above are out of luck.

But, if your apartment complex has an elevator, Amazon usually brings a larger item directly to your door.

Can You Track Amazon Orders?

If you are curious how long it will take Amazon to deliver your order to your apartment, the company offers order tracking.

Tracking your package is very simple and allows you to know exactly when to expect your order. First, click on the “Your Orders” link under your account information.

After that, locate the order you wish to track. Then, select “Track Package” next to the order. You can see where your order is located and how many days it will take to be delivered.

If you place an Amazon order through the Amazon Marketplace, you can only track the order if the seller shares the information with Amazon.

Additionally, if the website says that your order has been delivered, but you have not received it, make sure to contact Amazon’s Customer Service line immediately.

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Amazon makes delivery painless no matter where you live. For customers living in apartment complexes, Amazon will either deliver the package directly to your unit or leave it in the lobby.

Also, some Amazon orders may require an adult to be home before they drop off the package. It is best to contact your apartment complex manager or landlord to see how deliveries are handled.

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  1. In our building in British Columbia, most Amazon drivers ignore the customer’s delivery instructions. They leave the packages outside building or if they can get into the lobby they throw them there. They won’t come upstairs even thought we have an elevator, and stairs to the second floor. The blatantly ignore the delivery instructions. They say there isn’t enough time to follow the delivery instructions in condos and get all their deliveries for the day/evening done.

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