Does Walmart Have ATMs? [Locations, Fees, Withdrawal Limits, Denominations + More] 

Walmart prides itself on offering a wide range of services to its millions of everyday customers that seek to make daily life that little bit easier.

However, you may be wondering whether Walmart offers access to an ATM machine and whether there are any limits or fees. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Does Walmart Have ATMs?

Yes, Most Walmart stores provide customers with access to an ATM within their stores. The ATMs can usually be found towards the front of the store, close to the customer service desk. Depending on the Walmart location, the fee to use the ATM can range between $1-$4 per withdrawal.

Read on to find out even more about Walmart’s ATM machines!

Which Walmart Stores Have ATM Machines?

Most Walmart stores give access to an ATM machine, towards the front of the premises. This is so that customers can withdraw their cash funds before they start shopping.

If you want to find out ahead of time whether or not a Walmart store gives access to an ATM machine, it is recommended to call that store and inquire.

Do Walmart ATM Machines Incur A Fee? 

Depending on your location, you may potentially be charged a small fee when you use a Walmart ATM.

This fee can vary in cost (usually $1-$4). However, you can still access money at Walmart without incurring a fee, by asking for cash back when purchasing an item.

However, you may only be able to receive cashback up to a certain amount. This amount will be decided at the discretion of an individual Walmart store. 

Do Walmart Money Cards Allow Access To ATMs Without A Fee? 

If you have access to a Walmart money card, you can use it at all ATMs found within Walmart stores, and even a few ATMs outside of Walmart premises.

If you choose to use the card within a Walmart store, you will not be charged for use of ATM machines.

The money card does currently have a maximum withdrawal value of around $3,000, and a spending limit of around $10,000, which is also the maximum that can be put onto the money card at any one time.

Do Walmart ATMs Have A Withdrawal Limit?

Although Walmart ATMs have a $3,000 limit for money card withdrawals, it is not clear what limits they place on other debit or credit cards.

Withdrawal limits can vary from machine to machine, so it is best to call your local Walmart to inquire as to what limits they have.

What Denominations Do Walmart ATMs Offer? 

Yet again, this can vary greatly from case to case. ATM machines only have a limited capacity, so they store specific amounts of currency denominations, meaning a certain amount of $20 notes and $10 notes, etc.

You may be issued with a certain set of bills depending on how much you choose to withdraw. If you wish to know which notes you will receive, it is best to contact your local Walmart store.

For alternative locations to withdraw money, also see my guide on ATMs at Walgreens. Additionally, you can also see my guide on if Walmart has Coinstar kiosks in their stores.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Have ATMs? 

Yes. Walmart stores do give access to ATM machines for their customers. These machines may in some cases incur a fee for use, and may have specific withdrawal limits, all of which can be checked with the store personally.  

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