Check Port Status Verizon (What It Means + More)

If you are switching from another carrier to Verizon, you might have seen the “check port status” but don’t know what it means or how it can help you during the porting process.

If so, keep reading to find out what I’ve discovered about how you can check the port status for Verizon and when this service could come in handy!

Check Port Status Verizon In 2024

You can check your port status at Verizon by clicking the link in the text message you’ll receive after you’ve requested the port transfer, which allows you to track the status of your request as of 2024. You shouldn’t need to check the port status if you’re porting a mobile number since that typically takes less than 24 hours.

Do you want to know even more about checking port status for Verizon, such as why it’s taking so long to port your number and more? Well, keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about it!

How Can You Check Port Status With Verizon?

If you’re porting your number to Verizon, you can check the port status through the link you’ll get in a text message from Verizon.

Furthermore, you can click this link within the text message anytime you want to track the port status continuously.

Also, you can use the Verizon port eligibility website to check the port status once Verizon approves your port request, but this website won’t work unless the port is approved.

While the port eligibility website is nice, it’s not going to tell you the specific time it’ll take, but you’ll at least see if an error occurred on your port request.

What Is The Port Number For Verizon?

You can call 1-888-844-7095 using any phone you have, and you’ll receive assistance from the Port Department at Verizon.

How Long Does Porting A Number Take With Verizon?

How Long Does Porting A Number Take With Verizon?

Porting a number with Verizon typically will take four to 24 hours, and during this time, you cannot receive phone calls on your Verizon phone.

Further, the port could be completed in ten minutes or two hours, but Verizon will err on the side of caution regarding how long the port will take to complete.

However, porting a landline phone number can take two to ten business days, although it’s often completed within four to seven days.

Additionally, you can still make calls with your Verizon phone during this time, and Verizon does send you a text when the process has been completed.

Unfortunately, it may still take a day or two for the entire port to complete, including receiving all text messages or calls, but it’ll rarely take more than 24 hours.

Why Is It Taking Verizon So Long to Port My Number?

There are instances when the information given to Verizon was incorrect, which delays the port process, and the wrong information that usually delays the port includes:

  • Error when entering the previously held account number
  • Error when entering the PIN required for your old carrier to release your phone number
  • Other errors that could delay the port include errors when entering your address or zip code

Therefore, you must double-check all of the information you’ve entered during your port number request to ensure that the porting process isn’t delayed due to simple errors.

Tips For A Quicker Verizon Port

If you want to ensure that your Verizon port happens as quickly as possible, here are a few tips that’ll help the process go much smoother:

  • Make sure Verizon has an alternate phone number on file in case there’s an emergency or an employee needs to contact you regarding the port
  • Check the details of your current phone plan before switching to Verizon so you’ll be aware of any early termination fees or other fees associated with a switch under contract
  • Never cancel your current cell phone service even as you’re switching to Verizon because it’ll automatically be disconnected once the port has completed
  • Give Verizon the account number to your existing service and ensure it’s correct
  • Make sure that your phone is unlocked so it can be ported to Verizon
  • Order a Verizon SIM so that your phone will work on Verizon

Does Verizon Charge A Porting Fee?

Verizon does not charge a fee for porting your number regardless of whether you’re porting your number from a landline or another wireless phone.

However, it’s important to remember that your contract doesn’t restart if you’re just porting a new phone number over one existing number.

For example, if you have ten months left on your Verizon contract and port a new number on top of an existing one, then after those ten months, that contract will end on your new number.

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Verizon offers the ability to track your port status through a link that it sends you in a text message, which comes in handy if it’s taking longer than anticipated.

Additionally, you can use the check port eligibility website to check your port status and also call the Port Center at Verizon if you need assistance.

However, checking the port status will only work through the eligibility website once your port has been approved, so it’s not the first option you should use to check the port status for Verizon.

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