Chewy Attendance Policy (Your Full Guide + Other FAQs)

Chewy is currently in the middle of expanding its operations to more areas of the country and needs all the personnel it can get.

So, if you’re considering joining the team at Chewy but you need to know what its attendance policy is like, read on to see what we found!

Chewy’s Attendance Policy In [currentyear]

According to reports from current and former Chewy employees, the company has a very strict attendance policy in [currentyear]. By one account, employees are expected to be on time at all times and, if one is late during training, they will have to reapply for the job and start over. Other employees have reported difficulty with taking time off.

To learn everything you need to know about Chewy’s attendance policy, including how many times you can be late, calling off, and more, read on!

How Many Tardies Are Considered Excessive at Chewy?

Chewy has a very strict attendance policy and it doesn’t take many instances of being late for one to land in trouble.

One report from a Chewy employee says that they were left without supervision for two months and when the new manager showed up, they were fired on their first instance of tardiness.

A different employee says that they started work at the company and were issued with materials including emails that said to arrive at 8:50 a.m.

This employee followed the instructions they received, but when they got there for training, they found a manager that said the time was actually 8:30 a.m. and they landed in trouble for it.

We found a report from a current employee that goes into more detail, saying that Chewy is supposed to wait for 3 instances of being late before taking action.

However, according to this employee, their managers have started taking “corrective action” after only the first incident.

This tracks considering the other reports we’ve presented above.

Another employee says that Chewy considers the time of arrival to be when you officially clock in, not when you get to work.

This is regardless of whether or not your managers see you coming in; if you haven’t clocked in, you’re considered absent.

How Many Breaks Do You Get at Chewy?

How Many Breaks Do You Get at Chewy?

According to a report by someone that’s worked at Chewy, employees get 25 total minutes every week for personal time.

This includes the time they spend on emergency calls and going to the bathroom.

Chewy employees get a 30-minute lunch break and two 15 minute breaks throughout the workday.

Despite the lunch break at Chewy officially being 30 minutes, some employees say that they get less time due to having to clock in and out within their allotted time.

How Do You Call off at Chewy?

You can call off at Chewy by contacting your direct supervisor, preferably through their office phone number.

Considering what we’ve established regarding Chewy’s requirements around clocking in, if you don’t officially call off, it’s likely going to be considered an absence and could land you in trouble.

Can You Call in Sick at Chewy?

Officially, you are allowed to call in sick at Chewy but, like the other issues in this article so far, it’s harder to do than the employees are initially told.

For example, we found one instance of an employee who was sick to the point of being hospitalized but their manager wouldn’t let them call in sick.

In fact, this employee was told that they had to do the full 40 hours a week.

In another similarly extreme case, someone reported that two of the people they worked with at Chewy got fired over the phone when they called in sick.

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Chewy has a very strict attendance policy from the information we’ve gathered from former and current employees of the company.

Chewy is supposed to wait until you are late or tardy 3 times before taking disciplinary action, but most employees have reported that they were having serious action taken against them, including firing, in the first instance.

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