Costco Camera Return Policy (Open Box, No Packaging, No Receipt + More)

At Costco, you can browse a large selection of top-tier cameras such as GoPros, point shoots, security cameras, and more available at reduced prices through members-only discounts.

However, every camera has different specialties, so what if you’ve bought one from Costco and are not satisfied with its features? Here is everything I’ve found out about Costco’s camera return policy!

Costco Camera Return Policy

Costco’s returns policy allows members to return cameras in-store or via free UPS/USPS mail within 90 days after purchase or delivery. You will receive a refund, exchange, or replacement when you show proof of purchase. Cameras can be returned with an opened box if all accessories are included.

If you want to learn more about how long Costco refunds take, whether Costco accepts returns of cameras without the receipt, and much more, keep on reading!

Can You Return A Camera With An Opened Box To Costco?

Costco provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will gladly accept the return of a camera (including brands such as SanDisk, GoPro, Nikon, Canon, and AvertX) with an open box.

Additionally, cameras purchased online that arrived damaged or defective will be instantly refunded or replaced.

Note that you will need to return the product with all its original contents (including chargers, cables, lenses, lens protectors, wrist straps, manuals, etc.) to secure a full refund or exchange.

Costco reserves the right to offer partial refunds or deny returns if any accessories are missing, with the decision ultimately left to the discretion of the store manager.

Can You Return A Camera With No Packaging To Costco?

Costco does not require the original packaging for returns on its cameras (including DSLRs, security cameras, webcams, Ring doorbells, camcorders, etc.) as long as you return all original accessories that came with the camera.

However, if you have thrown away the original packaging, you should consider placing the product in secure packaging before sending it in for a return.

Since it is not possible to return individual components to Costco, you can access Costco’s concierge services by calling 1-866-861-0450 and receiving free technical support to resolve your issue.

Can You Return A Camera Without A Receipt To Costco?

Costco is quite lenient when it comes to returning cameras (or other products) without the original receipt.

So in case you’ve misplaced the receipt for a camera, all you need to do as an alternative is to provide your membership number at a Costco checkout counter so a cashier can verify your order.

To prevent the system from being misused, Costco keeps track of each customer’s return and requires visitors to provide the details of the member that originally purchased the camera.

If your purchase is identified, you will receive an exchange, replacement, or direct refund using the method you originally used to purchase the camera.

When Can You Return A Camera To Costco?

Cameras are among the few products at Costco that must be returned within 90 days after purchase or delivery as they are categorized as electronics items.

However, you can request a replacement or repairs on cameras at any time within 2 years of purchase when you enroll in one of Costco’s 2-year warranty plans (prices vary based on the product).

What Is The Quickest Way To Return A Camera To Costco?

What Is The Quickest Way To Return A Camera To Costco?

The quickest way to return your camera to Costco is to head over to a nearby Costco warehouse with your membership card and visit the customer service desk, where returns are normally processed.

For a smooth checkout, make sure you have the camera with all original accessories and proof of payment. Refunds will be issued instantly, and exchanges will be processed on the spot.

Note that if you have requested a replacement, but the same camera is not in stock, you may need to come back another time, place an order online, or receive a refund and repurchase at a later date.

Can You Return A Camera To Costco By Mail?

You can return cameras to Costco via mail by following these steps:

  • Initiate a return on your account by selecting ‘Order & Returns’
  • Select ‘Return Items’ on the camera eligible for return and decide whether you’d like a refund or replacement
  • Fill out the necessary fields as prompted
  • Print out the free shipping label provided to you
  • Attach the label to the securely packaged camera and drop it off at your nearest UPS or USPS location

Once you’ve done that, make sure you receive proof of postage or tracking information since Costco won’t be able to refund lost packages.

Will Costco Refund A Returned Camera?

Costco will provide a full refund to its members on all camera purchases within 90 days of purchase or delivery.

Credit or debit card refunds issued in-store will take approximately 48 hours to arrive in your account, whereas cash refunds are dispensed instantly.

Additionally, the value of a camera purchased as a gift or with a Costco shop card will be reloaded onto a shop card which can be spent at any Costco location in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, or

Note that if you are returning a camera via mail, you should allow around 2-3 weeks for the whole refund process to complete.

Costco will initiate a refund once they have received your return package and inspected it, with the funds reaching your account in approximately 48 hours.

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Costco allows members 90 days to return cameras to their local store or online purchases via free UPS or USPS mail. They will distribute full refunds, an exchange, or replacements if you provide proof of purchase or your membership number.

Additionally, members do not need to return cameras in their initial packaging, provided all original accessories are present.

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