Costco Cashier (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

Are you aware that Costco cashiers do so much more than stand at check-out lines and take customers’ payments?

If not, keep reading to learn more about Costco cashiers, such as how much they make each hour, how to apply, their working hours, and so much more!

What is a Costco Cashier In [currentyear]?

Costco cashiers are responsible for handling payment at the point of purchase, and starting pay is $14.79 as of [currentyear]. Cashiers use computerized point of sale systems to process Costco member payments, refunds, and credit applications. It’s also helpful to have skills with computers and other technology with a background in customer service.

There is so much more to learn about the Costco cashier job, like pay, hours, so keep reading for useful facts and tips!

What are the Duties of a Costco Cashier?

When you visit a Costco warehouse, the cashiers scan your items for purchase and help members bag and load purchases before leaving stores.

To perform this task, Costco cashiers should use a computerized point of sales system. In addition, when members bring in items for return, they usually go to a cashier first, so they must learn how to handle refunds.

Most people who work as Costco cashiers also have experience working in retail or customer service environments.

Other everyday responsibilities that Costco cashiers may have are the following:

  • Use previous customer service experience to handle Costco member inquiries and disputes
  • Use the point-of-sale system to scan, itemize, and total Costco member purchases
  • Interest in inventory management
  • Operate a computerized system (i.e., finger or hand scanner) and lift up to 50 pounds
  • Manually enter price changes that may not have been updated on shelves
  • Process member coupons
  • Collect payments for purchases and process Costco membership plans
  • Maintain that Costco member information is securely processed for credit card applications
  • Balance cash drawer during shift changes and at the end of the day
  • Follow Costco’s corporate procedures for dealing with safety and hazardous materials
  • Assist other departments as needed

What are the Requirements to Be Hired as a Costco Cashier?

What are the Requirements to Be Hired as a Costco Cashier?

To be hired as a Costco cashier, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school education. Preferably, you should also work any shift, including weekends and holidays.

Generally, you must not have felony convictions or convictions for certain types of alcohol or drug-related crimes.

However, exceptions are occasionally made if the candidate has otherwise been a law-abiding citizen since the conviction took place.

Besides age, Costco looks to hire cashiers that possess the following skills:

  • Have a sharp awareness and attention to detail
  • Possess exceptional customer service skills
  • Have a high degree of numeracy and literacy skills
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal communication skills
  • Show excellent computer skills
  • Can stand for lengthy periods

How Much Does a Costco Cashier Make?

At Costco, the cashier’s hourly pay amount is around $14.79, over 31% over the national average for similar jobs found at other retail locations by comparison. 

What are Working Hours For a Costco Cashier?

Although many Costco cashiers work an average of 40 hours per week, a shift can have flexible hours based on the store’s needs.

As well, it’s not unusual to see workers with more hours during the holidays or on weekends when stores are busier.

If you’re a college student or just need more free time, then you have the option to work part-time in the cashier position.

How Do I Apply For a Job as a Cashier at Costco?

When applying for a cashier position at Costco, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. First, the applicant needs to access the Costco website and search the current openings for a cashier.
  2. From here, the applicant will find all the information about the job position, including how to apply. Since this is an entry-level job, Costco will not ask applicants to submit a resume or a cover letter when applying.
  3. Next, look over the job description to see if you can perform the duties required for the job.
  4. Under the job description, applicants will see “to apply: choose a location.” A clickable link allows applicants to select a state and city opening for the cashier position. 
  5. Once you provide this information, the website will present the applicant with nearby stores with the specified job opening.
  6. When the applicant clicks on a store and begins an application, they are sent to the Costco applicant portal.
  7. Interested applicants will use either a new sign-in or previous information on the applicant portal to complete the Costco cashier application.

After the manager in your selected store has received submitted applications and had the chance to look them over, they will interview the most qualified applicants.

Is the Cashier Job at Costco a Good Job?

Many people feel the cashier’s job is excellent. At Costco, the cashier position offers benefits, including high wages and generous employee discounts, making it one of the best jobs available in retail.

Also, it’s gratifying when you can meet someone new every day. After all, it’s your job to make sure that everyone has a positive experience while shopping at Costco.

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As a Costco cashier, your job will be to process people through the checkout line and make sure they’re paying for everything they’re taking home with them. This is an entry-level position that requires no prior training.

For employment, workers must be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment where you’ll have to move quickly while being constantly attentive to customers.

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