Costco Orientation (All You Need To Know)

You aced your interview and are now officially a Costco employee. As a new hire at Costco, you might be interested in knowing what to expect during your orientation.

Well, look no further! I’ve researched all there is to know about Costco’s orientation process, and here’s what I’ve discovered!

Costco Orientation

Costco does require all new hires to go through an orientation. With that, new Costco employees are paid for orientation, which features self-paced via online videos, the wage their new position pays. During Costco orientation, employees learn about company values, the store layout, and the details of their jobs.

Keep reading to learn more about the Costco orientation’s length, what to expect, and what to bring so you can start your new job with confidence!

How Long Does It Take For Costco to Contact You For Orientation?

When speaking to current and past employees, they report the hiring process at Costco is pretty quick.

With that, after the application, assessment, and interviews, most applicants can expect to schedule an orientation at Costco in a little under two weeks.

What Is Costco Orientation?

Costco provides a comprehensive orientation for new employees, as it wants all trainees to be adequately prepared for success before starting their jobs. 

With this in mind, Costco’s goal for orientation is to introduce new employees to the Costco culture and teach them how to work efficiently as retail associates.

Additionally, orientation usually starts with trainee introductions and gathering basic contact information, so the company can correctly update its records and give you access to benefits, etc.

After these essential administrative duties are complete, trainees are ready to begin the training process. 

Throughout orientation, trainees will learn the company’s policies and procedures, including safety risks, inventory control, warranties, and customer service skills.

For example, some of the topics covered during Costco’s orientation include the following:

Learn About Costco’s Values

A company’s values are the fundamental and enduring beliefs that guide its decisions and actions. With that, Costco ensures all its employees understand the company values, which are: 

  • Obeying the law
  • Taking care of members and employees
  • Being respectful to vendors and suppliers

In addition to these values, Costco is committed to high standards regarding ethical behavior, which includes respecting the environment and supporting the communities where Costco operates.

Also, product safety is a priority at Costco because members have the right to expect products that are consistently safe for use.

With that, Costco works diligently to ensure product safety through sourcing practices, handling procedures, and vigilance in monitoring safety conditions in its warehouses and stores.

Understand the Store Layout

Since customers want to locate products quickly and easily, the store layout is the most crucial aspect of store design. In other words, the store layout is what defines the store’s total look and feel.

Because store layout is so important for shoppers, Costco also ensures its employees know and understand it to help members find what they’re looking for.

Meet Employees & Customers

Given that Costco is a membership-based retailer, excellent customer service is expected by members. Due to this, trainees are provided with information and tips for:

  • Meeting and greeting guests
  • Identifying a customer’s needs
  • Offering customer solutions
  • Meaning of employee service training
  • Introduced to the customer service training objectives

Prevention Of Shoplifting and Fraud

Given that theft is a common occurrence in the retail industry, Costco trainees are given tips on recognizing fraud and shoplifting prevention.

Due to check fraud and forged money prevalence, trainees who handle payments are taught how to handle these incidents.

What Is the Dress Code For Costco Orientation?

What Is The Dress Code For Costco Orientation?

Given Costco’s casual yet classy image, the dress code for orientation is laid-back and semi-professional.

Remember, orientation will be your first impression on managers, so it’s good to be clean and well-dressed.

However, after you’re given your position at Costco, there will be specific dress code rules to follow.

For example, associates are expected to wear jeans, a tucked-in polo shirt, closed-toe non-slip shoes, no jewelry, hair tied up, and no nail polish in the bakery to prevent getting caught in machinery.

In contrast, all non-food department employees can wear nice jeans with no holes or knee-length capri pants for women, a blouse or polo shirt, and closed-toe shoes.

In anticipation of your new position, it’s a good idea to wear clothes to an orientation that would be acceptable for your department.

What Do You Need To Bring To Costco Orientation?

Since you will be expected to sign documents and take notes during the Costco orientation, trainees should come equipped with a pen and notepad.

Also, since orientation begins with filling out paperwork for payment and tax purposes, bring your social security card and driver’s license or ID.

If you have any questions about what you should (or shouldn’t) bring to orientation, feel free to contact the Costco store that hired you and ask! 

What Hours Are the Costco Orientation?

Because the store is less busy, orientations tend to be held in the morning hours, as it is easier to give tours of the store layout and speak with staff members and supervisors in different departments.

How Long Does Costco Orientation Last?

Aside from filling out paperwork and going over the employee handbook, orientation is done at the trainee’s own pace.

For example, the bulk of your orientation will be done via a computer, where you watch videos on various topics.

According to past Costco trainees, orientation should take around five to six hours to complete if you’re a quick study.

Do I Get Paid For Costco Orientation?

Yes, Costco pays you to attend and complete orientation. At Costco, this time is considered on the clock so that you can receive the standard hourly pay for your position.

Is There a Drug Test During Costco Orientation?

Because Costco has a strict zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, trainees should come prepared to take a drug test.

With that, Costco uses a third-party lab to collect a cheek swab to test for drugs, which are 60 times more sensitive to illicit substances than urine tests.

Typically, Costco is concerned with detecting marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine.

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