Costco for a Single Person (Is It Worth It, How Much Do You Have to Spend to Save + More)

Costco is an excellent place to shop if you want to stock up on food and household products like paper towels, toilet paper, etc. and, when you buy in bulk, you save a little money compared to shopping at regular retail stores.

However, if you’re single, you might be asking: is a Costco membership worth it for a single person? I was curious about the same thing, and here’s everything I discovered throughout my research!

Is Costco Worth It for a Single Person In [currentyear]

A Gold Star Costco membership is worth it for a single person if they spend at least $250 a month or $3,000 a year in [currentyear]. A Gold Star Membership at Costco costs $60 a year. Also, the best Costco products for a single person include frozen foods, shelf-stable products, and paper products.

If you want to learn more about buying a Costco membership as a single person, what products make the most sense to purchase, and much more, keep reading!

Is a Costco Membership Sensible for a Single Person?

A Costco membership is a sensible option for a single person. However, there are very specific circumstances that make a Costco membership worth it if you’re living alone.

Also, certain products are more sensible to buy at Costco if you live alone, like the following:

Frozen Foods

If you want to make your Costco membership worth it, shopping in the frozen foods section is a must.

In fact, several single people report that Costco’s freezer section alone makes their membership worth the money.

With that, you can stock up your entire freezer for a month (or more) on one Costco run alone.

Additionally, frozen foods stay fresh for quite a long time, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money.

Shelf-Stable Foods

Another Costco product that makes a membership worth the money for a single person is the shelf-stable food section.

Additionally, several of Costco’s shelf-stable food choices are very healthy, including:

  • Organic almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Raisins
  • Figs
  • Applesauce
  • Natural almonds
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • And much more!

Because you’re purchasing these foods in bulk, you’ll save more money than if you bought them at your regular grocery store.

Paper Products

Paper products are an excellent way to stock up on essentials like toilet paper and paper towels without spending a fortune.

So, if you have the space to stock products like these, a Costco membership is sensible if you live alone.

Additionally, one package of paper towels from Costco could last almost an entire year if you live by yourself.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about running out or making an extra trip to the store.

What Costco Membership Is Best for a Single Person?

What Costco Membership Is Best for a Single Person?

As previously mentioned, Costco offers a few membership plans for customers. However, if you live alone, the Gold Star membership plan is probably the most sensible.

Further, here are some of the things that come with a Gold Star membership plan from Costco:

  • One free household card
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide

Moreover, this membership plan costs $60 a year, so you’ll have to ensure you spend a certain amount throughout the year to make the cost worth the benefits (see below).

How Much Do You Have to Spend to Make a Costco Membership Worth It?

If you have a Gold Star membership at Costco, you’ll have to spend around $250 a month or $3,000 a year to break even. Fortunately, you can cancel your Costco membership at any point.

So, if you start to notice the cost isn’t worth it for your lifestyle, feel free to terminate the membership whenever you want!

How Do You Make a Costco Membership Worth It If You’re Single?

Fortunately, a Costco membership comes with numerous perks that aren’t available to those who don’t have a membership.

So, to get the most out of a Costco membership, there are a few products and services you should know about:

Avoid Perishable Foods

This might seem obvious, but it’s best to avoid perishable foods at Costco because the store sells them in bulk.

Also, it’s pretty difficult to eat all of the perishable foods you buy before they go bad. However, suppose you plan only to freeze perishable items (blueberries, strawberries, etc.).

In that case, it makes sense to purchase them at Costco because they will be much less expensive than at the grocery store.

Purchase Your Tires at Costco

If you have a Costco membership, it only makes sense to buy your tires from the wholesale retailer.

That said, Costco consistently offers some of the best deals on new tires, and the staff will even install the tires for you.

Moreover, the savings you earn by purchasing tires at Costco is more than enough to make your membership price worth it.

Additionally, Costco tires come with a five-year hazard warranty.

Buy Your Movie Tickets at Costco

When you purchase movie tickets at Costco, the prices are discounted enough that it almost works out to be a two-for-one deal.

Therefore, if you’re an avid movie-goer or simply want to purchase gifts for people, Costco’s movie ticket prices are a steal.

Additionally, Costco sells other gift cards at discounted rates. As you can see, these savings make a membership fee worth it.

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In some circumstances, a Costco membership is worth it if you are a single person. With that, you must spend at least $250 a month or $3,000 a year to make a Gold Star Costco membership worth the $60 annual fee.

Additionally, if you’re single and have a Costco membership, it makes the most sense to buy paper products, freezer items, and shelf-stable products.

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