Does Costco Have Motorized/Handicap Carts and Wheelchairs? (Full Guide)

Costco has several features in place to help those with physical ailments or disabilities navigate their way around the retailer.

But shoppers may be wondering if Costco is able to provide motorized/handicapped carts and wheelchairs to shoppers in need at their stores. I’ve done the research, and here’s what Costco has available!

Does Costco Have Motorized/Handicap Carts and Wheelchairs?

Costco does provide both powered carts and wheelchairs with detachable carts for those who require them at Costco free of charge. Costco can also offer a shopping assistant to help single shoppers with accessibility needs navigate the store.

For more information about how Costco can accommodate you, other accessibility features at Costco, and whether Costco sells motorized/handicapped carts and wheelchairs, then find out below!

Does Costco Have Motorised/ Handicap Carts?

Yes, Costco is able to offer electric shopping carts to customers to make their journey around the store easier.

These are electric scooters with a cart on the front to allow customers to shop easier at Costco.

If you know you require a motorized or handicapped cart for your visit to Costco, it is advisable to call ahead to your local Costco store before your visit so they can reserve one for you in-store before you visit.

Does Costco Have Wheelchairs?

As well as motorized carts, Costco can also offer wheelchairs to customers who need them.

The wheelchairs feature carts that can be attached to the front to help customers with their items and are also free of charge at Costco.

Wheelchairs are recommended for customers who have someone to assist them while in Costco.

Can I Take Someone To Costco To Help Me Shop?

The policy for customers with a Costco membership card is that they are allowed to bring two guests to the store with them.

This means that if you require extra assistance from friends, family, or help, you will be able to take them to Costco with you to assist you in-store.

However, if you are shopping at Costco using a Costco Shop Card (Costco’s version of a gift card), you will not be permitted to bring guests with you.

Can A Costco Employee Assist Me Around The Store If I Need Help?

If you are shopping alone and require extra assistance, such as needing to use a wheelchair, a Costco employee will be able to function as your assistant shopper to help you.

To request this service, ask the Costco employee working at the door upon your arrival, and they will be able to arrange this service for you. You can also call prior to your visit to Costco to ensure this service is available.

Can I Bring An Assistance Animal To Costco?

Can I Bring An Assistance Animal To Costco?

In accordance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Costco permits the access of assistance animals into Costco to help customers shop.

Costco reserves the right to clarify the status of the assistance animal, such as by asking the owner to confirm the role of the service animal and asking what task or function the animal is trained to perform.

Costco does not permit household pets or emotional support animals as they are different from regular service animals and have not had the same level of training.

To learn more, you can see our full guide on the Costco dog policy.

Does Costco Have Accessibility Parking?

As well as offering motorized/handicapped carts and wheelchairs, Costco also offers accessibility parking to make it easier for those in need to access the Costco store.

Does Costco Have Accessibility Features On

To offer further accessibility to customers, Costco is committed to making its website as accessible as possible.

This includes features on the Costco website such as captioning for videos, color contrast ratios, appropriate labels, and text equivalents and structuring the site to make it easier to use for those in need.

Does Costco Sell Motorized/Handicap Carts And Wheelchairs?

As well as providing them free of charge to customers in need, Costco also sells a range of wheelchairs and motorized scooters both in-store and online.

Online, these products can be found in ‘Health & Personal Care’ in the category of ‘Wheelchairs, Walkers & Medical Alert Devices.’ All of Costco’s reviewed products have a minimum rating of 4 stars and are competitively priced.

Some of the products Costco sells include a wheelchair that is FSA Eligible, priced at $174.99. Costco also provides a Rolling Walker/Wheelchair combination that is also FSA Eligible and retails at $189.99.

All of Costco’s wheelchairs, walkers, and medical alert devices can either be purchased in-store at Costco or ordered online for delivery.

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Yes, Costco has motorized/handicapped carts and wheelchairs available for their customers to use while in-store. Costco members are also eligible to bring two guests. with them to assist with their shopping or bring a service animal to Costco if necessary.

As well as offering accessibility items for customers, Costco also sells motorized/handicapped carts and wheelchairs at reasonable prices, in line with its ethos of competitive retail.

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