Does Walgreens Rent Crutches, Wheelchairs, And Knee Scooters?

Renting (instead of buying) a pair of crutches, wheelchairs, or knee scooters can save you a lot of money if you only need this equipment for a short period of time.

Since Walgreens is one of America’s leading drugstore chains, you may be wondering: does Walgreens rent any of this? Here is what I’ve found out by contacting Walgreens employees!

Do Walgreens Rent Crutches, Wheelchairs, And Knee Scooters?

No, Walgreens does not rent crutches, wheelchairs, or knee scooters. You can instead rent crutches from nearby hospitals for $15 – $25 per month, wheelchairs from Scootaround for $15 – $30 per day, and knee scooters from Rent A Knee Walker for $25 per week.

If you want to know more about alternatives to Walgreens that rent wheelchairs, crutches, and knee scooters, and the prices they charge, keep on reading!

Where Can You Rent Crutches From?

Since Walgreens does not rent crutches, you should head over to these alternatives in the U.S. to rent crutches:

  • McCann’s Medical 
  • Your local hospital (most offer crutch rental services)

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Crutches?

Crutches are rented out either on a per-week basis or on a monthly basis. If you live in or near Portland, you can rent crutches from McCann’s Medical for $3 per day, $10 per week, or $20 per month. You have to pay the deposit in advance.

If you’re renting crutches from a nearby hospital, you will likely be charged a fee between $15 and $25 per month.

Where Can You Rent Wheelchairs From?

You can rent wheelchairs from several wheelchair rental services in the U.S. One of these is Scootaround, which has 2500+ locations all over the country.

To find out if they service your city, you can call them at their toll-free number 1-888-441-7575 and ask about availability.

Another service that offers wheelchair rentals is MediEquip, a business that operates in St. Louis, Missouri. For other states, you can search your local area (on Google) and find similar services.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs are rented out for a minimum of 3 days by Scootaround. Its costs vary across different locations.

A typical standard wheelchair will cost you $15 per day in Las Vegas, $27 per day in Washington D.C., $13 per day in Orlando, and $30 per day in New York. You can contact them on 1-888-441-7575 to find out about rental costs in your area.

MediEquip charges $60 per week and $180 per month for standard manual wheelchairs.

Where Can You Rent Knee Scooters From?

You can rent knee scooters in the U.S. from Rent A Knee Walker. They offer a variety of models including an all-terrain knee scooter, a more durable version, and much more.

You can call them on 877-520-3708 to get more information about your particular location.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Knee Scooters?

Rent A Knee Walker charges a standard $25 per week for all knee scooter rentals. They provide free shopping across the U.S. with a delivery time of 1-3 days based on location.

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Unfortunately, Walgreens does not rent crutches, wheelchairs, or knee scooters. Instead, you can visit your nearby hospitals to rent crutches at a rate ranging between $15 and $25 per month. For wheelchairs, you can head over to Scootaround and rent wheelchairs for any value between $15 and $30 per day. Knee scooters can be rented from Rent A Knee Walker for $25 per week.

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