Costco Payroll Clerk (Duties, is it a Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

People often wonder what it’s like to work as a payroll clerk at Costco. The payroll clerk ensures each employee is paid, but there are a number of other duties that the position entails.

What, then, is the full scope of the costco payroll position? If you’d like to find out, continue reading this article to see what I discovered!

What is the Costco Payroll Clerk Position In 2024?

Costco payroll clerks earn nearly $30/hr. on average. Payroll clerks ensure store employees are correctly paid, manage employee information in computer systems, and verify wage documents. No special skills are required; however, applicants with a background in accounting or payroll processing are given preference. Knowledge of payroll software and high math aptitude are also keys to success.

Besides processing payroll, Costco payroll clerks perform many other store functions, so to learn more about the job, keep reading! 

What is a Costco Payroll Clerk?

As a Costco payroll clerk, your job is to assist HR and managers with payroll, management of personnel information and reports.

Other responsibilities include reviewing employee benefits, updating automated payroll systems to ensure accuracy of entries, and verifying employee wage documents. 

What Department Do Payroll Clerks Work in at Costco?

Since this is an administrative position, payroll clerks are rarely seen on Costco sales floors. Instead, payroll clerks work in the store payroll department.

What are the Requirements of a Costco Payroll Clerk?

Even though this is an entry-level position, preference for this job is given to applicants who have previous work or education experience with payroll processing or accounting.

For payroll processing, it’s common to have some sort of knowledge of accounting software, so experience with Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks is also beneficial for applicants.

Before a job offer is extended, the applicant must pass an exam administered by Costco to determine mathematics aptitude. Finally, all applicants must have a high school diploma or GED (equivalent) before they’re eligible to be hired. 

Do I Need Any Specialized Training to Be a Payroll Clerk at Costco?

Being a payroll clerk at Costco is an entry-level position, so no experience is required, and none of your duties as a payroll clerk will require specific skills and abilities.

However, those with a background in accounting or payroll processing are given preference during the hiring process.

If you don’t have any work or education experience, you will still need to prove that you can count money accurately and handle financial information.

This is important because the data you input into the system will dictate how much each employee gets paid.

What are the Duties of a Costco Payroll Clerk?

What are the Duties of a Costco Payroll Clerk?

Primarily, payroll clerks process employee pay and audit timekeeping.

Also, the payroll clerk at Costco has to check in with employees and manage benefits plans.

Benefits management is done in coordination with the human resources department (HR) that provides more specialized services.

Other duties of a payroll clerk include the following: 

  • Processes employee information into an HR database
  • Organizes transactions such as withholding and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax payments
  • Records transactions in accounting software
  • Reconciles bank accounts
  • Provides information to employees about their paychecks
  • Answers questions about benefits and taxes for new hires
  • Runs daily reports for managers on attendance, benefits eligibility, and upcoming raises for each store department. Included in these are status changes, such as transfers or promotions
  • Tracks messages and performance reviews of employees ahead of filing
  • Removes any expired notices
  • Updates the list with new records to be filed
  • Issues authorizations for job positions, wages, and Workers Comp claims
  • Posts work schedules weekly
  • Distributes paper checks to employees and company-related flyers as needed
  • Helps Costco employees apply for Costco credit cards
  • Assists in other areas of the store if needed 

How Much Money Do Costco Payroll Clerks Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a payroll clerk is $48,290 per year, with an hourly rate of $23.21.

A payroll clerk at Costco averages around $27 an hour and can advance to as high as $31 an hour. Even though pay varies by location, it is well above the national averages.

Does Working as a Costco Payroll Clerk Have Benefits?

Besides higher than average pay, Costco payroll clerks are offered competitive benefits packages. One of the most significant benefits of this job is the work schedule with its flexible work hours.

Additional benefits come with this position, including health insurance, life insurance, paid leave, and a 401K retirement plan. 

What Hours Do Payroll Clerks Work at Costco?

At Costco, the hours are flexible for payroll clerks. Since the company values the work-life balance of its employees, workers can choose either part-time or full-time shifts.

How Do I Apply to Be a Costco Payroll Clerk?

To be considered for a position as a payroll clerk, you must submit an application online on the Costco Career website.

Afterward, a hiring manager will contact you to come to Costco for an in-person interview.

On the Costco Career website, interested applicants will find the payroll clerk job description to review before they apply.

To access job openings in nearby stores, job applicants must click on the Choose a Location button at the bottom of the page.

Once a location has been chosen, the applicant must access the payroll clerk application via the Costco applicant profile (previous Costco applicants should already have a login).

However, new applicants can create a profile by providing their email addresses and contact information.

Once the profile has been made, the applicant will fill in education and work history, certifications and provide any relevant experience.

Is the Payroll Clerk Position at Costco a Good Job?

For applicants with a background in payroll processing, the payroll clerk is an excellent entry-level position.

Overall, workers in this position see wages well above the national average, have amazing benefits, and have flexibility in scheduling.

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At Costco, payroll clerks help pay wages to an employee, manage benefits, and establish weekly schedules for workers.

Besides processing payroll checks for employees, payroll clerks issue tax documents, verify wage documents and work with the HR department. 

Although no experience is required for employment, thriving employees have a high math aptitude and knowledge of payroll processing software.

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