Costco Printer Return Policy (No Receipt, Open Box + More)

If you’re setting up a home office, you will definitely need a printer that you can easily buy from a nearby Costco at exclusive membership discount prices.

However, what if you’ve purchased a printer from Costco that isn’t practical or useful for your line of work? Read on to find out what I’ve discovered about Costco’s printer return policy!

Costco Printer Return Policy

Costco allows customers to return printers within 90 days after purchase or delivery. Regular printers can be returned in-store or via mail, whereas heavy or commercial printers are returned via scheduled pickup. Opened or used printers must be returned will all original accessories for a full refund or exchange.

If you want to learn more about how to return a printer to Costco, what to do if you’ve lost the receipt and whether non-members can return printers to Costco, keep on reading!

Can I Return A Printer To Costco After Using It?

Costco implements a highly flexible return policy and so allows you to return unsatisfactory printers that have been used, even if the ink provided is depleted.

However, ink cartridges purchased separately cannot be returned if they have been opened since they expire over time.

How Long Do I Have To Return Printers To Costco?

Although Costco offers a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee, printers are categorized as electronic appliances and must be returned within 90 days.

The time frame commences on the date of purchase or delivery, and Costco retains the right to refuse printer return requests after the 90-day period.

If you’re hoping to extend the return window, you may consider the Concierge Two Plus Two Warranty.

Under this warranty, you will receive free technical support, amongst other benefits depending on the manufacturer, for a full two years after purchase.

Can I Return Printers To Costco Without A Receipt?

You can return printers (including brands such as HP, Brother, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, etc.) to Costco without a receipt with ease, as membership purchases are trackable.

To do so, you’ll need to provide your 12-digit membership number at the customer service desk in-store.

The cashier will verify your purchase and issue a refund, replacement, or exchange for another item of your choice.

Note that if your purchase cannot be tracked, you may receive store credit valued at the printer’s current sale price. In some cases, Costco may deny a return altogether if your purchase cannot be proven.

How Do I Return Printers To Costco Stores?

Customers can return laser, and ink-jet printers purchased in-store or at at the customer service desk at any warehouse location.

Simply bring the printer to the desk with your store receipt, online invoice, or membership card. The cashier will scan your proof of purchase and provide a refund or replacement on the spot.

Costco processes refunds using the same method you used at the time of purchase, so make sure you bring any original debit or credit cards.

Although cash refunds are dispensed instantly, card refunds typically take 48 hours to enter your bank account.

Can I Exchange Printers At Costco?

Can You Exchange Printers At Costco?

You can exchange printers at Costco for another model or unrelated item by following the same procedure as in-store returns.

Unfortunately, direct exchanges cannot be completed if you return the printer by mail. However, you can still request a replacement for the same model.

When going for an exchange, make sure you bring alternative payment methods if the new model is more expensive, as you’ll need to pay the difference.

On the other hand, you’ll receive a refund if the new item costs less than the original printer.

How Much Does It Cost To Return Printers To Costco By Mail?

Regular printers can be returned to Costco via UPS or USPS for free. Just make sure you attach the free printable shipping label securely provided by’s return process to your online account.

As for heavy or oversized printers for commercial use, you may need to go for a scheduled pickup which will incur additional freight charges.

Can I Return Printers With An Open Box At Costco?

You can return printers that have been opened or those without their original box within the allocated time frame.

However, you must ensure that all opened printers are returned with their original accessories, such as wires, cartridges, adapters, and paper, if you want to receive a full refund.

Can Non-Members Return Printers At Costco?

Non-members can return printers given as a gift by a Costco member by providing the gift giver’s membership details.

If a non-member requests a refund, the printer’s value will be loaded on a Costco shop card, granting them temporary membership.

These shop cards are accepted at all Costco warehouses, online, and at Costco gas stations.

What Can I Do If Costco Doesn’t Accept My Printer Return?

Costco can deny customers that violate the return policy when returning a printer.

However, if you feel that you are eligible, you can consider visiting an alternative store or politely pushing your case forward to the store manager.

For additional support, you can contact Costco’s customer support helpline to get help with your printer returns.

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Conclusion: Costco Printer Return Policy

Printers must be returned to Costco within 90 days of purchase or delivery. You will receive a full refund, exchange, or replacement when you show proof of purchase or your membership number.

Customers can return printers at any warehouse by free mail or scheduled pickup. Make sure you return opened or used printers with all the original features and accessories.

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