Costco SquareTrade Warranty [All You Need To Know] 

You’ve just purchased that new electronic appliance that you’ve been wanting, and you want to make sure that you have the best warranty in place to keep it safe. So, what about the Costco SquareTrade Warranty? Read on to find out more!

Costco SquareTrade Warranty

Costco’s SquareTrade Warranty is one of the best-extended warranties that they offer on electronics and major appliances. It offers up to five years of comprehensive protection on your product with easy online management and 24/7 online support. Additionally, you’ll find that there are no deductibles when you need to file a warranty claim.  

To learn more about when the warranty starts, activation, what is covered, plus more, keep on reading!

What Does Costco SquareTrade Warranty Cover?

SquareTrade covers all electrical/mechanical failures that occur during normal use, such as non-responsive audio jacks or charging ports, depleted non-rechargeable batteries, and button failure.  

Some plans include accident protection will also cover accidental damage from spills and drops. 

The plans that are available to you will depend on what item you’re purchasing, but the Costco representative will be able to explain all of the plans to you when you’re ready to buy a SquareTrade warranty.  

How Do I Redeem My Costco SquareTrade Warranty?

What Does Costco SquareTrade Warranty Cover?  

It’s easy to redeem your Costco SquareTrade warranty. All you have to do is:  

  1. File a warranty claim at at any time, 24/7 
  2. Have your covered item and receipt with you 
  3. Many claims can be approved immediately, though some do require a specialist to help guide you through some other steps 
  4. SquareTrade will repair or replace your item 

It doesn’t get any simpler than that! 

Does Costco SquareTrade Warranty Repair or Replace Electronics?

Yes! All replaced or repaired items are guaranteed for 30 days. If there’s a problem with your item within those 30 days, you can give them a call or go online to request a callback.  

Can I Buy a Costco SquareTrade Warranty After Purchasing My Electronics?

You have 30 days from when you purchased your item to purchase a SquareTrade warranty for cameras, tablets, and computers. You have 90 days from the date of purchase to optin for a SquareTrade warranty for major appliances and TVs.  

When Does Costco SquareTrade Warranty Start?

SquareTrade sells extended warranties, which means that the SquareTrade warranty that you purchase won’t begin until the manufacturer’s warranty expires.  

Do I Need to Register My Costco SquareTrade Warranty?

No, you don’t need to register your Costco SquareTrade warranty. However, you’ll need to keep the receipt for your SquareTrade-protected item to file a claim. So, you need to make sure that you’re keeping that in a safe location.  

How Many Claims Can You Make with Costco SquareTrade?

You can file up to four claims with your Costco SquareTrade warranty, except in the event that SquareTrade can’t replace or repair your covered device.

In which case they issue you a cash reimbursement and your warranty is considered complete; you won’t be eligible to file any additional claims.  

How Does Costco SquareTrade Verify Your Receipt?

How Does Costco SquareTrade Verify Your Receipt?

When you purchase a SquareTrade policy, you need to email them a copy of your receipt. On your receipt, there will be a serial number and other identifying information for your covered device.

This is how SquareTrade will know which device is your device that needs to be fixed and helps protect itself against fraud.  

How Long Does Costco SquareTrade Take to Fix Your Devices?

SquareTrade believes in its service and expects that it can replace or repair your device within five business days.

If the services they need to perform take longer than five business days, you can request a refund for the cost of the service plan that you purchased from Costco.  

Is Costco SquareTrade Warranty Good?

SquareTrade is worth the money to most customers because it provides you with comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

Plus, the company offers you a 30-day risk-free trial that ensures your satisfaction with their service.  

But it’s up to you to find out if the Costco SquareTrade warranty benefit is good. Most customers are satisfied with the service they receive from SquareTrade, especially with the quick turnaround on the repairing and replacing of damaged items.  

How Do I Find My Costco SquareTrade Warranty?

Now that you’ve purchased your SquareTrade warranty, you probably want to print or view your Costco warranty contract for your records. To do so:  

  1. Go to 
  2. Click “Log In” at the top right of the page 
  3. If this is your first time registering, enter the email address you used to purchase your warranty. Since you purchased at Costco, this will be your Costco membership email. If you already have an online account, use your email and password to log in 
  4. Click “My Plans” at the top of the page. This is where all of your warranties will be listed. Click on the name of the warranty you want to look at 
  5. On the next page, you’ll be able to see all of the details of the warrant. Below the four blue boxes, there will be two links:  
  6. If you click “View Contract,” the contract will appear in a pop-up window.  
  7. If you click “Resend Contract to Warranty Owner,” SquareTrade will automatically send you a copy of your contract to your email 

It’s very simple to find your warranty coverage contract(s) and obtain copies of them. This is important because you need to access the service contract to know when they begin, and expire, and what all the warranty benefit plan covers.  

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Conclusion: Costco SquareTrade Warranty

Costco SquareTrade warranty is one of the bestextended warranties that you can get for your eligible devices because it’s extremely affordable, has quick service, and is comprehensive.

You get a 30-day risk-free trial of the SquareTrade warranty and can purchase the warranty after purchasing your product (up to 30 or 90 days after the date of purchase).  

Never again will you have to worry about your device breaking and not being able to get it fixed with the Costco SquareTrade plan and warranty.

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