Does IKEA Have Curbside Pickup? (How It Works + Things to Be Aware Of)

IKEA is one of the most popular home goods and furniture stores in the world, so you might be wondering if you’re planning on shopping there: does IKEA offer curbside pickup?

Well, keep reading below because I’m going to tell you everything I’ve discovered about IKEA’s pickup and delivery methods, such as how it works and more!

Does IKEA Have Curbside Pickup In [currentyear]?

IKEA does have curbside pickup available for customers if you use the IKEA Click and Collect service. This service requires you to shop online and then pick the nearest IKEA store that participates in the service where you can easily pick up your items once they become available. However, not all IKEA stores offer curbside pickup in [currentyear].

Do you want to know more about IKEA’s curbside pickup procedure, such as things you should be aware of? If so, continue reading to find out even more important details before you buy!

How Does IKEA Curbside Pickup Work?

Click and Collect is the IKEA pickup service that works similarly to how other curbside pickup services work, and you can begin using it today by following the guide below:

  1. Shop at the IKEA website
  2. When you begin checking out, choose “Pickup” or “Click and Collect”
  3. Find a participating store near you
  4. Choose your pickup date and time
  5. Look in your email for your order confirmation
  6. Your order will be processed and filled
  7. You’ll receive a second email telling you when the order is ready for you to pickup
  8. Bring a government-issued photo ID and your order confirmation number to the store
  9. Follow the signs at the store for Click & Collect pickup services
  10. Your order will be brought out to your car
  11. It’s a good idea to check your order to make sure all of your items are brought out

Can I Choose an Alternate Person for IKEA Curbside Pickup?

IKEA does allow you to pick someone as an alternate for your IKEA curbside pickup order, and you can designate this person during the checkout process.

However, the person you choose as your alternate will need to have a government-issued photo ID and the order confirmation number to pick up the order.

Things to Be Aware of When Using IKEA Curbside Pickup

There are a few things to be aware of if you plan on using IKEA curbside pickup, including the following:

  • An email will be delivered to you before your scheduled pickup time if an item is unavailable or becomes unavailable before your order is processed and picked
  • You can pick up your order in stages if some of the items you ordered become out of stock
  • If there are unavailable items, you can choose to cancel the whole order and get a refund
  • Not all IKEA locations participate in the IKEA Click and Collect service
  • A $5 fee to use Click and Collect will be assessed if the order amount is less than $49
  • You must pick up your order within 24 hours of your pickup date or it will be canceled and you’ll receive a refund
  • Only a limited number of pickup slots exist per day for curbside service
  • Only a certain amount of an item is allowed to be sold each day, so an item may appear out of stock due to this limitation
  • Customers can only designate someone else to pick up the curbside order during the checkout process
  • You cannot modify your order once the picking process has been completed
  • IKEA curbside pickup hours will vary by location, and you’ll see your local store Click and Collect hours during the checkout process
  • You don’t have to get out of your car to use the Click and Collect service
  • You don’t need to tip the worker that delivers your products to your vehicle

How Long Does IKEA Click and Collect Take?

How Long Does IKEA Click and Collect Take?

IKEA Click and Collect orders are typically packed and ready within 3 hours, so that is around the timeframe you’ll receive the secondary email.

However, there may be times when this changes, such as during the holiday season when IKEA is busy and it may take longer to get your order processed and picked.

Does IKEA Have Curbside Pickup in Canada?

IKEA does have a curbside pickup in Canada at participating locations, but you’ll be charged a $5 flat fee for using the Click and Collect service.

Does IKEA Burlington Have Curbside Pickup?

IKEA Burlington does have curbside pickup available, which runs from Monday to Sunday, 8 AM to 9 PM.

Does IKEA Ottawa Have Curbside Pickup?

IKEA Ottawa does participate in the Click and Collect curbside pickup service, and the hours for the service include:

  • Monday through Friday- 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday- 9 AM until 9 PM
  • Sunday- 9 AM until 7 PM

Does IKEA Burbank Have Curbside Pickup?

IKEA Burbank participates in the curbside pickup program, which runs from Monday to Sunday,

10 AM until 9 PM.

Does IKEA Renton Have Curbside Pickup?

The IKEA located in Renton does have curbside pickup available, although the hours of operation vary depending on the day, and the schedule is as follows:

  • Monday through Friday- 10 AM until 9 PM
  • Saturday- 9 AM until 9 PM
  • Sunday- 9 AM until 8 PM

Does IKEA Atlanta Have Curbside Pickup?

IKEA in Atlanta does have curbside pickup which runs from Monday to Sunday 9 AM until 9 PM.

Does IKEA Calgary Have Curbside Pickup?

The Calgary IKEA location does offer curbside pickup, but the hours vary depending on the day of the week and includes the following hours:

  • Monday through Friday- 9 AM until 8 PM
  • Saturday- 9 AM until 7 PM
  • Sunday- 9 AM until 6 PM

Does IKEA Canton Have Curbside Pickup?

IKEA Canton does have curbside pickup services and the hours run from Monday to Sunday, 10 AM until 9 PM.

Does IKEA Stoughton Have Curbside Pickup?

The Stoughton IKEA location offers curbside pickup for customers and the hours are as follows:

  • Monday through Saturday- 6 AM until 9 PM
  • Sunday- 6 AM until 8 PM

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IKEA does offer curbside pickup at most of its locations, although it’s called Click and Collect, and you can pick this option during the checkout process when you order online.

Furthermore, it’s easy to choose your participating store and then choose the pickup date and time, and you’re notified when you place the order, and again when the order is ready for pick up.

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