Do Amazon Drivers Take Returns? (Your Full Guide)

Did you order an item from Amazon and need to return it, but have been wondering if Amazon drivers take returns? Do you know what the Amazon return process is like?

Well, if you want to know whether you can just give a return to an Amazon driver, read further to learn all of the important facts and details that I’ve found while researching this topic!

Do Amazon Drivers Take Returns In 2024?

In almost every situation, Amazon drivers do not take returns and won’t pick them up, even if they are delivering an item to you. When you choose to return an item on Amazon, you’re given a full list of the ways you can return your item based on the item you’re returning in 2024.

Do you want to know even more about the ways you can return your Amazon order and where you can drop off your item? If so, you’ll find out all of the interesting details below!

Where Can I Return Amazon Items?

If you’d like to return an item you ordered on Amazon, there are multiple return options given to you so that you can make the return as easy as possible, including using the following methods:


You can either take your Amazon return to a UPS store or choose to have UPS come to your house and pick up the item you’re returning to Amazon.

Furthermore, just select the UPS option during the return process on the Amazon website.

Next, show the UPS worker the return code and they will handle everything else!

When you use the Amazon website for a return, you also have the option for UPS pick up, which can schedule when you want the pick up done, then pack up your item and add the label.


You can choose to send your return back to Amazon by mailing it using USPS, which requires you to box up your item, print the return label from the Amazon site, and put it in your mailbox.

Amazon Hub Locker

Dropping your return off at an Amazon Hub Locker is easy and quick, but only if your item is smaller than 18x14x12 inches, and only if you live near a Hub Locker location.

To illustrate, just search the Amazon Hub Locker website for locations near you, put in your return request through Amazon, and wait for the dropoff code email.

Once you get your code, pack up your returned item, head to the Amazon Hub Locker near you, and drop off your package in the Locker using the code to open the Hub Locker.

Amazon Store

Amazon Store

If you live near a physical Amazon Store, you can drop off your returns with ease, but it has to be within 30 days of delivery.

Additionally, not all items can be delivered to a physical Amazon store, such as some bigger products, so check with your nearest location to see if any restrictions apply first.

To drop your item off at a physical Amazon store, use the Amazon store finder to see where the closest option is.

Next, during the Amazon Return Center process, choose the in-store drop-off option.

Also, you’ll want to make sure the item is in the original package and bring your printed or emailed receipt when you drop off the item at the store.

Whole Foods

You can drop off Amazon returns at Whole Foods, since Whole Foods has an Amazon Locker where you can drop your returns off hassle-free.

For example, to use Whole Foods as your return option, you’ll need to put in the return request through Amazon and choose your nearest Whole Foods location to drop it off.

Wait for the email to arrive that gives you the Amazon Hub Locker code, package your item, and then go to Whole Foods and enter the code to get into your Amazon Hub Locker.


Kohl’s will take your Amazon return, so if you live near one, you can use this method for an easy return process, and you don’t have to do anything but bring in your return!

Furthermore, to use Kohl’s, you’ll need to select it as the drop-off location when you fill out the return form through the Amazon Return Center.

You’ll receive an email with a QR Code, and just use the kiosk inside of Kohl’s and enter the QR Code to drop off your item and Kohl’s will pack it, label it, and send it out for you.

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Amazon drivers do not take Amazon returns a majority of the time, even if you’re having an item delivered to you at the same time.

However, returning an item is easy with Amazon, since you have multiple ways to return your order, including either dropping it off at UPS or scheduling the UPS to pick it up right from home!

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