Dollar General Employee Discount Policy [Benefits, Discounts + More] 

Dollar General currently operates over 16,000 stores across the United States of America, with over 143,000 people employed by the company.

Dollar General employees are given competitive salaries, but you may be wondering if Dollar General employees are entitled to employee discounts or other benefits.

Here is what I have managed to find out!

Dollar General Employee Discount & Benefits

Dollar General does not currently offer a dedicated employee discount policy. However, Dollar General employees are given specific discounts on certain products, but they must be accessed through the same digital coupon platforms that customers use. These discounts can range from 5% – 10% on DG-branded products.

Read on to find out more about Dollar General’s employee benefits!

What Discounts Does Dollar General Offer To Its Employees? 

Dollar General employees can receive up to a 20% discount on any of their purchases. However, this discount can only be used on Dollar General’s own brands, such as Sweet Smiles Candy, and Clover Valley.

How Do I Use A Dollar General Employee Discount?

How Do I Use A Dollar General Employee Discount? 

Dollar General employee discounts are hosted via the same platform as customer discounts; via digital couponing accounts.

These discount coupons can be used in-store and may require some proof of employment to be validated at checkouts.

Employees of many companies throughout the world are also entitled to join separately hosted employee discount websites that allow them to access discounts outside of their place of employment, on such things as entertainment and groceries.

What Other Benefits Does Dollar General Offer? 

Dollar General offers a wide variety of benefits to its employees throughout the United States. These benefits are directly outlined here. 

A few of these benefits range from health and life insurance policies, free WIFI at work, retirement savings funds, and competitive salaries with the potential for bonuses.

Can Family Members Access Dollar General Employee Discounts? 

Dollar General employee discounts are hosted on online discount platforms and can only be accessed by the employee specifically.

Therefore, if the employee is not present at the point of the transaction, it is unlikely that family members can use the Dollar General employee discount.

However, the employee is well within their rights to use their employee discount in aid of their family.

Can Dollar General Employee Discounts Be Used On The Dollar General Website?

The Dollar General website allows its users to order specific items to be delivered straight to the customer’s door. When checking out, customers can use coupon codes to obtain certain discounts. 

Dollar General employee discounts are hosted on the same platform as customer discounts, so employees can use their employee discounts for specific items on the Dollar General website.

What Stores Currently Offer An Employee Discount?

What Stores Do Currently Offer An Employee Discount In 2021?

A number of popular retailers across the United States currently offer an employee discount. The employee discounts can vary greatly in value and frequency of use, depending on where they are being used.

Some stores that offer competitive employee discounts include:

  • CVS offers a 20% discount on merchandise, with 30% off of CVS brand items. 
  • Footlocker offers a 30% employee discount. 
  • Nordstrom offers a 20% discount for employees and the employee’s dependents. 
  • Gap, offers a very sizable 50% employee discount on their products! 

To learn more about being a Dollar General employee, you can read up on their termination policy, expected Dollar General Pay, and bereavement policy.


While Dollar General does not have a dedicated employee discount policy, they do offer separate employee discounts regularly to their employees through the same platforms as they offer customer coupons.

These discounts can be used by the employee in person and online, but may occasionally need to be verified. 

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