Dollar General Dress Code Policy (All Your FAQs Answered)

If you are a new employee joining Dollar General, one thing you will need to be thoroughly familiar with is the dress code.

However, what are you expected to wear, and which types of clothing are unacceptable? Here is a full rundown of the Dollar General dress code policy!

Dollar General Dress Code Policy

The Dollar General dress code, which applies to its 17,000 US stores, outlines that employees are expected to wear black pants and a black polo shirt with a collar. The shirt should feature the Dollar General logo and, as part of the dress code, it’s also obligatory to wear shoes that don’t slip. 

Keep reading to get more information on what Dollar General’s employees are expected to wear, including piercings and whether you are allowed to dye your hair.

Does Dollar General Provide You With A Uniform?

Yes, Dollar General provides its employees with a uniform, but you will have to purchase it.

The uniform you are expected to wear can be found on the Dollar General Logowear Program website, which features windbreakers, polo shirts, and classic t-shirts.

Can Dollar General Employees Wear Shorts Or Ripped Pants To Work?

No, If you are an employee at Dollar General, you will not be permitted to wear shorts. Your pants should also be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

Also, bear in mind that the dress code detailed in the Dollar General handbook doesn’t permit its employees to wear torn clothing.

This means ripped jeans are not permitted, and black pants are preferred and expected to be worn by all employees.

However, there are some exceptions for employees who work in the distribution center, who are allowed to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Are Piercings Permitted At Dollar General?

Are Piercings Permitted At Dollar General?

According to Indeed, visible body piercings are not permitted by Dollar General’s employees. So, ear piercings aside, they are not acceptable.

There is an exception to the general ‘no piercings’ rule, though. If you wear piercings or jewelry for religious reasons, you may be allowed to wear them at Dollar General.

If you are working in the distribution center, piercings and jewelry should be worn to prevent them from getting caught in the machinery.

However, you should check with your store manager as this might differ from store to store.

Can I Dye My Hair A Different Color As A Dollar General Employee?

According to various reports online, Dollar General employees have been able to dye their hair in colorful colors.

This means if you dye your hair blue, pink, or green, you should not be in breach of the Dollar General dress code.

However, there have been some Reddit users that state that a “normal hair color is allowed”. So before changing your hair color, it might be best to check with your store manager.

Which Types Of Shoes Are Not Permitted At Dollar General?

There are quite a few inappropriate types of footwear that should be avoided as a Dollar General employee. As mentioned, non-slip shoes are essential for safety reasons, which rule out flip flops, for example.

Dollar General employees are also expected to avoid beach sandals, open-toe shoes, or open-heel shoes as these types of shoes go against safety regulations in the store.

It’s also expected that you wear socks or hosiery with your non-slip shoes – so keep that in mind.

Does Dollar General Allow Denim Clothing?

You are breaching the dress code if you wear denim clothing to work at Dollar General.

This is because denim jeans, skirts, and jackets are also considered to be inappropriate by senior management. So, regardless of the color, denim of any kind isn’t allowed.

Are Hats And Head Coverings Acceptable At Dollar General?

Although there’s an exception, you are not permitted to wear head coverings as a Dollar General employee. So, this means hats are definitely not allowed.

But in certain cases, which include religious exceptions, some head coverings are allowed at Dollar General.

Does Dollar General Allow Its Employees To Wear Visible Tattoos?

As mentioned in the Dollar General handbook, visible tattoos are considered inappropriate in any Dollar General facility. This also includes any type of body art. But, this rule only applies to visible tattoos.

If you are just about to start a job at Dollar General, you can also read up on their drug testing policy, pay for workers, employee discounts, and also their quitting policy.


The takeaway points are these – if you have a valid reason, you might be able to wear jewelry as a Dollar General employee.

And if you are working in the distribution center, you’ll be able to wear jewelry – provided it is worn in a way that won’t get caught in the machines.

But to stay on the safe side, it is best to stick to the Dollar General uniform provided by the Dollar General Logowear Program website.

Remember – black polo shirts with the Dollar General logo, and black pants that go below the knee are the preferred choice.

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